Sevco Squeals Its Frustration And Fury As The SPFL Kick Their Daft Wee Motion Into Touch.

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You have to laugh at a Sevco statement which opens with an admission that the SPFL and its legal team have not found them or their position competent.

Laugh even more and harder when you read that they knew this would be the outcome, and they wrote the statement in advance of that.

Think about that for just a second.

Imagine going for a job interview and knowing you weren’t going to get it because you didn’t have the qualifications, you didn’t do any of the prep and you couldn’t muster a single coherent sentence when asked why you were suitable for it … but that on the way out the door you dropped off a cheeky letter saying you knew they wouldn’t give it to you … and blaming them for it.

And then saying “I will submit another application.”

That’s what Sevco did today! Can you even imagine that?

It is woeful, awful, unprofessional, ridiculous stuff. And it’s hilarious.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

You have to laugh even more as it goes on to become a rant, a howl of frustration, like what I said yesterday about a kid at a party who isn’t getting enough ice cream.

As an institution it really does tick so many of the boxes on the psychopathy test, and above all else this one; they really do feel their own suffering. They don’t just play the Victim Card … they believe they are the victims. Today’s foaming statement makes that clear.

It accuses the SPFL of “bullying and coercing” other clubs. They don’t name these clubs but claim to have spoken with them. Aww. Isn’t it sad that it’s come to this? Sevco, attempting to become leaders in the game? Attempting to appear just and honourable?

They finish today’s statement with an appeal on behalf of those clubs!

The greater good of the Scottish game!

Which no side at Ibrox has ever given the slightest damn about.

It should make my blood boil, but you know what?

It just makes me laugh instead.

That club is a bad comedy act, and it doesn’t even try to hide the clown car anymore.

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