Sevco’s Decision To Work On Their Pitch Reveals Their Fraudulent Stance On Celtic’s Title Bid.

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This afternoon, clubs were asked to vote on whether or not to call the leagues as they are in the event games can’t be played.

The term “voiding” isn’t on the ballot, but if clubs vote not to accept the tables as they stand that’s what they’ll be doing.

The public stance of Sevco is well known; they support the voiding option, in all its ludicrousness.

In light of that, the piece of news that we got last night had us laughing out loud.

Sevco has decided to re-lay the pitch at Ibrox, a job that usually takes months from the moment it’s ripped up until football can be played on it again without ruining it.

They claim that they can half that time should some miracle ensue and we get to play games again.

Now, look; Phil has done some digging – if you’ll pardon the pun – and reckons certain elements of the story might not stand up.

He says that it’s basically a re-seeding and whilst it’s always welcome to see him taking a shot at Keith Jackson and The Record, I’m not sure that really changes anything about the implications of the story.

The pitch is being worked on, so no football can be played on it.

How long until it is fit for games is something that will depend on a number of factors, but it will be a while. This reveals their stance on the need to finish games, and in front of full houses, as essentially fraudulent. They have postured in public whilst taking decisions like this in private.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

I would say that no games will be played at Ibrox until the end of June; this is their way of calling time on their disastrous season.

The players have had their wages deferred for three months whilst they sit at home and now the pitch has been rendered unusable.

This is a club that does not expect to play football before July at the earliest.

Sevco, let’s not forget, did not just call for the season to be completed and suggested that anything less would be unacceptable, but they said they wanted it done in front of full houses. Yet they clearly had no interest in any such thing, and knew full well that this would not be possible.

To their directors this is an opportunity to make trouble and cast doubt on what Celtic has accomplished on the park.

No club operates quite like them; on spite and cynicism.

The pitch at Ibrox is a disgrace.

It needed to be torn up. Work was vital.

But this season isn’t officially complete yet. In this action they’ve shown their hand … and their intent.

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