Sevco’s Hagi Feel Good Story Is Hilariously Bad Journalism. Not Even Their Deluded Fans Believe It.

Image for Sevco’s Hagi Feel Good Story Is Hilariously Bad Journalism. Not Even Their Deluded Fans Believe It.

Some sections of the media have lost their minds.

They are reporting that Hagi is going to sign for Sevco soon for a cool £4.5 million.

You wonder what goes on in the newsrooms where this stuff proliferates.

A lot of hard drugs must be getting passed around.

The Ibrox club doesn’t have money. It’s not just that they don’t have that kind of money … they don’t have the kind of wealth you would found down the back of the sofa cushions. They are skint. It is astounding to me that anybody does not know this.

I was talking to Phil today about this, and what follows is a version of what he said to me. So these next words are his, in effect, and he has it right.

“It’s 22 years since the infamous ‘succulent lamb’ dinner in the Channel Isles. The guy who came up with is the outgoing PR chap at Sevco.

As a story arc, covering the descent of the ethics of sports journalism in Scotland, this couldn’t be better scripted for Netflix. Since David Murray, it is known that if you control the home dressing room at Ibrox you control the local press.

The only exception to that was from October 2014 to March 2015 when the heroic chaps in the stenography corps were cheerleading for King’s concert party. When the Off-Licence Putsch succeeded in March 2015, the chaps on the sports desks assisted in evicting a board that was within three to six months of having Sevco on a break even basis. If King had not succeeded, Celtic could have been facing a club that was running right, on a self-sustaining basis and had access to Newcastle’s next generation players.

Whatever the writers of the Hagi piece are involved in, it is not journalism.”

And that sums it up, because if these people were capable of doing even the most basic research – if they cared about and respected their audiences enough to – they would not write such drivel far less allow it to be published under their own names.

It insults the intelligence of every reader when they promote this kind of nonsense.

Not even Sevco believe this.

That’s a mark of how far from the sane path the hacks who are promoting it have strayed.

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