Sevco’s Latest Statement And Their New Demand For Another Inquiry Reveals Ibrox In All Its Lunacy.

Image for Sevco’s Latest Statement And Their New Demand For Another Inquiry Reveals Ibrox In All Its Lunacy.

Last night we went through another round of the old routine.

Something happens which piques the Ibrox crowd and a few hours later out comes a statement.

Usually it’s something deranged. Something self-serving. Something ridiculous.

Last night was no exception.

They wanted an independent inquiry.

The SPFL actually put one together for them, despite there being no need for it.

Deloitte took care of it. They then reported back.

And of course, because the conclusions were not that the Ibrox board wanted to see, the fax machine at Hidden Hills rolled out another press release.

It was foaming, the kind of demented screed that always accompanies one of their hissy-fits.

The papers are lapping it up of course, especially The Record.

They say Sevco has the three clubs needed to force an emergency meeting.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Those are named; Stranraer, Hearts and themselves. The Losers Club.

How pathetic they all look, and how pitiful to want to force Scottish football to debate a conspiracy theory when bigger things are at stake.

Do they understand the way they look to clubs outside this country?

It is the height of lunacy. This club always finds ways to scale the next peak.

All the rest of the teams should boycott this pitiful charade and announce that they intend to do so.

They should remind the Losers Clubs that this matter has been decided already, with 80% plus of them in favour of the resolution we’ve already reached.

Deloitte has said nothing underhanded went on.

Dundee and other clubs have explained what actually happened.

Sevco’s wailing and whining on this is disgraceful, because it has no other objective than to cast doubt on a process which will end with Celtic being crowned champions for the ninth year in a row.

As I wrote this morning, Gerrard has joined in and taken this cause up on his own and I think he ought to be carpeted for it.

But what about the club?

Their conduct this past month has done far more to bring the game into disrepute than their manager ever could or ever will … I would fully expect to see them investigated and disciplined for it when everything settles.

In the meantime, they need the support of more than 30 clubs if they are going to get their motion for a second investigation over the line.

They have three at the moment although they claim there are others; I expect Inverness and Thistle to join this cadre of beaten men in trying to embarrass the governing bodies.

I also expect them to fail.

It’s what they’ve become used to after all, and much of Scottish football is sick and tired of this stuff when there are far bigger issues to be dealing with.

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