Sevco’s Statement Is A Despicable Attempt To Exploit A Global Crisis As A Way To Attack Celtic.

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Well, cometh the hour and cometh the deranged communique out of Ibrox.

They want their “prize money” and they want it now, although they “maintain” that the season cannot be “completed” without 38 games being played. Desperate for money, they are rattling the tin cup. Desperate to stand up an impossible position, they are talking out of both sides of their mouths.

There cannot be a more schizophrenic club in all of football.

Where even to start with this? Prize money gets given out when seasons are at an end.

The same club that is demanding the full 38 games has sent its entire first team squad away for three months without money and is digging up its own turf. Their position is a joke. This statement is nothing but a transparent attempt to have it both ways, and it stinks.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

I have to admit, I actually laughed out loud reading the segment on Hearts, who’s relegation before the season is complete they claim would be “abhorrent.”

Since when, you might be asking, do Sevco give a monkeys about Hearts?

The obvious answer, the one we know to be true, is that they don’t and they never will.

They couldn’t care less what happens to Hearts or any other club, this is a naked attack on Celtic.

They aren’t bothered about what happens at the bottom of the table, and it shows them up to even pretend otherwise.

Their concern is what happens, automatically, at the top.

Celtic, champions, nine in a row and heading for ten. They don’t have the first clue how they are going to stop us, and even before this crisis hit and things went completely topsy-turvy in the global game, threatening their existence as a football club at all, they didn’t know.

This is a club which, along with its fans and the media sycophants who make every excuse for them, would stop at nothing to score even the cheapest point.

That they would willingly exploit a global emergency like this ought not to surprise us, but it is sickening all the same.

From now until the end of time they can talk about asterisks and anything else that they please, but they will forever be the club that tried to take advantage of death and suffering simply to stop a rival being crowned league champions.

It is the lowest act in a sordid, eight-year history of them.

We ought never to let them forget it.

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