Sutton Has Said What The Other Record Hacks Won’t. That’s The Problem, But That’s The Point.

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Chris Sutton’s column in The Record this morning is interesting, primarily as he’s the only person writing for that rag who will ask the big questions about Sevco and their finances.

Not that it matters. His ridiculous remarks about Liverpool not deserving their title south of the border whilst Celtic should get ours pretty much eliminates him from any consideration as a serious pundit. Nobody will pay a blind bit of notice to what he writes.

But that’s kind of the point of unleashing Sutton in the first place.

The Record gives him a platform to say this stuff so that the rest of the editorial team doesn’t have to. They can point to articles like the one today and say “Look, Chris Sutton has asked those questions, so don’t say that nobody at our newspaper has bothered to.”

Their tactics are despicable.

They have Lennon on the record now as saying that Celtic will have to consider all their options if this thing drags on, but they printed the Ibrox board’s statement which amounted to “we have no cash-flow worries here” without the slightest scrutiny, even though it’s as ersatz as powdered milk.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

There isn’t a single credible observer who believes that Sevco is in good financial health.

I’m doing a piece later on about just how dire their situation is, but there’s nothing in there which isn’t known at every sports desk in the country.

Once again, we see the media ignoring a major Ibrox story, casting their eyes around everywhere to find something to distract from it, and in the meantime season ticket sales trickle on. It is a scam, and the media is part of it.

It does more than just stretch credulity to believe that Sevco will weather the next few days, weeks and months without a major crisis. Indeed, there is trouble coming at that club from so many directions that it is inconceivable that they aren’t already on the brink.

Their board has presented it as all rosy in the garden and the media accepts that without question, but let’s not bullshit here; that club is in a world of hurt and nothing can save them from it.

Sevco needs tens of millions to survive this even remotely intact.

Where’s it coming from? Where are they getting it?

Not from the mystery men McColl was talking about, not from the “Asian investors” group who have their own problems now.

When King and his people were running things over there they were able to corral the Ibrox board into doing whatever they wanted. Now King is gone the people running Sevco are going to have to decide whether they want to keep on funding his ego experiment although he’s no longer holding the reigns.

More fool them if they do.

But neither they nor their Scottish press lackeys should think it will fool the rest of us.

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