The coronavirus pandemic could award Celtic an early-season celebration

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Mon the hoops, with a 13 point gap separating Scottish footballs most talented squad and their arch-rivals, if the current COVID-19 pandemic brings the 2019/2020 season to an early end, it’s already been established that anybody leading their respective division will claim the season title.

In March 2020 the footballing world changed forever, for the first time in recent history, all domestic leagues were postponed across the planet as the coronavirus pandemic had its way.

We’re now over a month out, and this week the had some of its most crucial decision makings brought to fruition; this week, The Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) finished its plan to end the 2019/2020 season early.

It was decided to entertain this method by allowing each club to vote a simple, yes or no, weather end the season early or not. Dundee hadn’t cast their vote and confusion of the rules had led the voting to end without their contribution.

Dundee’s ballot, incomplete as it were, now put them in a position of power.

Their sole vote would rely on the final decision making and it had been rumoured their original vote was ‘no’ and the league would not end early.

But, before the week’s end, their vote had changed to ‘yes’ allowing the SPFL to end their campaign early. 81% of the 42 clubs voted to end the season immediately, with that said, the Premiership will remain open in hopes that it can be finished. In reality, expects that to happen.

Red Star Belgrade, who’s in a similar situation to Celtic, have been told by UEFA that countries who end their domestic seasons early will not be punished as originally threatened, which gives Celtic the declaration of season champions if this season-ending trend continues to the top-tier of Scottish football.

Dundee United will see an automatic promotion from the second division championship into the Premier League, whilst Patrick Thistle will be relegated to League One. Raith Rovers will take their place, just one point separating them from Falkirk; who will no doubt, feel a sense of ‘robbery’ with this decision. Cove Rangers will be promoted from League Two to League One, seeing Stranraer heading in the opposite direction. Brechin City, who sit rock bottom of the entire professional Scottish leagues will avoid relegation because there won’t be any non-league playoff’s taking place.

The good news is that prize money awarded will help bail clubs out from any financial disposition they may have found themselves in. Now that all seasons are officially over, how long will the Premiership remain open until they finally give up and close the curtain?

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Good news for Celtic

The recent closure of all Scottish leagues (barring the Premiership) must give the Celtic squad an essence of happiness; If the SPFL follow suit from their lower league closure, Celtic would be awarded the 2019/2020 championship title, and deservingly so as they sit 10 points clear.

The is currently suspended, if the season is eventually called-off like the lower-tier have been, controversy awaits for the league. I’d expect legal action from teams relegated and not given a fair chance. Celtic have won the league title in Scotland for the past eight seasons and will make it 10 in a row if they’re awarded this season’s title.

More good news for Celtic

Just to put the icing on the cake for Celtic fans, in the event of the league ending early due to the coronavirus pandemic, season ticket holders at Celtic Football Club will be entitled to some form of compensation. It’s still unclear whether this would be a cash refund, but it still gives the die-hard supporters something to smile about whilst shining the league trophy.

Celtic’s season ticket terms and conditions state: “If the club is unable to complete a match fixture to provide a result for the football authorities due to causes beyond the control of the club, and that match fixture is not re-scheduled, the holder will be compensated for any corresponding in services.”

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