The Hearts Board Has Put Ann Budge Back In Her Box. What An Embarrassment For Her.

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Well, well, well. What a laugh we have here.

No sooner had I stuck up an article about her conduct this morning, but the Hearts board has released a statement this afternoon “clarifying” the comments made by Ann Budge on the issue of Celtic being made champions.

They claim that her remarks were taken out of context. I think not.

Whilst she might fancy cosying up with Douglas Park and the other residents of the Hidden Hills asylum, others at Tynecastle aren’t so sure.

Clubs very rarely do this, but I understand exactly why Hearts have.

They know she’s talking them down a hole, and isolating allies. They know she’s embarrassing them. Now they have done the same to her. Remember, she is the chairman. She runs the show. And her own club has come out and said “pay no attention to her.”

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

Hearts are not on the record as supporting our bid for the title; they haven’t gone quite that far. But they have said their only objection to the present circumstances is that the season should end without any losers. It is a loser’s position, and one that actually flies in the face of the ethos of competitive sport.

But it is hilarious to watch them, and others, try to square the circle.

Most people in Scottish football know that voiding the season is lunacy.

Most of them realise that depriving a club 13 points clear at the top after 30 games of the title is simply not going to hold.

Most understand that most leagues are going to reach a position exactly like this, and that for Scotland to do differently would sow seeds of bitterness and anger that would last for decades and bring much of the game to its knees … which is to say nothing for sponsors, TV companies, advertisers and fans, who would line up to sue.

The Tynecastle board knows all this, and they know that league reconstruction is a dead end and that their club will almost certainly be relegated. There will have to be major changes at that club if it is to survive this crisis at all.

What Hearts have done today is put Budge on notice that she had better up her game.

This is a public dressing down who’s message should not be lost.

They are pissed at her, and now must have serious doubts about her judgement.

I understand why.

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