The Sevco Fans Latest Anti Celtic Petition Is Cringeworthy, Not Newsworthy.

Image for The Sevco Fans Latest Anti Celtic Petition Is Cringeworthy, Not Newsworthy.

The Sevco fan who put up a petition demanding the head of Neil Doncaster is behind the times.

The Celtic fan media has been calling for this clown’s head on a spike for nearly enough a decade. We have never wavered in our belief that he is a stain on our national sport. When Stewart Regan left the SFA this clown should have followed him, if not long before.

That was our last proper chance to cleanse this game of people who are either incompetent or too fearful to take the necessary steps to change it.

It just so happens that Doncaster has this situation sussed and is making the only move available to the sane and rational … but that does not mean that we like him nor that we want him to stay in post.

There are plenty of rumours about what Doncaster has been up to over this SPFL vote.

If even one of them turns out to be true, then I want him to swing.

Needless to say, it does Celtic no good whatsoever to have any doubt cast on our legitimate claim to being deserved champions in Scotland.

If anyone who serves on the SPFL board has allowed such doubt to exist, then I don’t care who it is but I want them removed from office by the most expedient means.

Those do not include the pitiful blunt tool of a fan-made petition.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

I don’t care how many of the crazy Peepul sign it. I don’t care what media desperados like Joel Sked promote it to get their hits up.

This is not newsworthy, but it is cringeworthy.

Doncaster is a “corrupt man who is a shambles and a disgrace to Scotland” this childish effort reads.

I mean who even takes that sort of thing seriously?

The promotor of this ridiculous petition wants to target Lawwell next.

It’s the kind of over-reach which reveals the original for what it is; an indirect attack on our club. It’s as if they can’t help themselves. They put up something that on the surface seems reasonable, but even as it builds they have to show their hand, and expose their madness and paranoia.

It’s also hilarious as he’s not even on the board they want to remove him from; that’s the trouble with these Peepul.

Rank stupidity and their paranoia go hand in hand.

Doncaster is seen as Celtic’s man, in spite of his having done us not one bit of verifiable good in all his time at either governing body.

Lawwell has long been their real target, although not one of them has ever been able to identify a single instance where we’ve pushed a position to suit our own club.

Even this case hasn’t produced that … everyone knows full well that Celtic wants the season to finish if that is possible, but we understand that it might not be.

We also know that only raving lunatics could ever advocate the “null and void” position that lies at the heart of this ridiculous campaign.

This is the level we’re dealing with here.

Villages all over the country are wondering why their idiots are no longer entertaining in the public square.

They are too busy online organising this kind of stuff.

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