The SPFL Warn Sevco They Risk Doing “Incalculable Damage” To The Game. I Doubt They Care.

Image for The SPFL Warn Sevco They Risk Doing “Incalculable Damage” To The Game. I Doubt They Care.

The SPFL have made their own statement tonight calling on the game to come together.

In point of fact, their statement is actually a reminder that but for a few howling malcontents pursuing their own agendas the game is together.

Let’s not forget that it’s a minority that are trying to drag it further into crisis when we have enough going on.

The presser warns of “incalculable consequences” for the game if the Peepul and their media allies continue to pursue this nonsense after the EGM ends. Nobody expects that Sevco will win the vote and get their “independent inquiry”, because nobody expects their “dossier” of “evidence” to be anything other than paranoid nonsense.

For it go anywhere these moon howlers would need to have something concrete, something that translates into actual proof of wrongdoing, so what are the odds?

The SPFL are shouting at the sky here. If the Ibrox club gave a toss about the game or the prospect of damage to it they would not have spent the last few weeks stirring the soup and pushing their lunatic agenda, which has but one purpose; deny Celtic the title at all costs.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

Don’t forget, this is the club who demanded that games be played – in full stadia no less, and to Hell with the number of sick or dead – and then dug up their pitch.

Right from the start, theirs has been a game of bluff and counter. Why should now be any different, and why should we think they would stop when this latest effort of theirs ends like everything else they’ve done; in dismal failure?

It is more likely than not that they will find another angle of attack, or threaten legal action to bring the whole game to a standstill, or whatever other method they can conjure up to continue the pursuit of their vendetta … and it’s a vendetta against Celtic and all of our assorted interests, including the seats we hold on the various governing bodies.

They will not halt that. Not when their club is in deep peril and they need every bean from their gullible fans just to stay afloat.

All of this reeks of the smokescreen, a distraction whilst they try to untangle the shambles of their finances.

Look out too for them leading the charge to have the SPFL set aside its administration rules for the next two seasons … that has been flagged by this website before and is a key part of what they are up to here.

Sevco’s primary concern – their only concern – is has always been, and will continue to be, its own interests and that’s fair enough as far as it goes for most clubs.

But they are willing to burn down everything around them, and that’s what sets them apart.

Saying please and playing nice to these wreckers will not matter a damn.

It will make not the least bit of difference.

Sevco has to be told that if there are consequences here those consequences will fall primarily on them.

It’s the only language they understand.

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