The SPFL’s Staggering Incompetence Has Handed Sevco It’s New “Stab In The Back” Fantasy.

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The most toxic football fans in Britain do not need an excuse to go off the deep end.

These Peepul have been waging constant war for the last eight years and their list of targets would have given the war planners of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces sleepless nights.

From rival clubs to journalists to HMRC to UEFA and FARE, they are ever alert to the presence of Catholic conspiracies and that old Unseen Fenian Hand. They conjure new theories up out of thin air, and under normal circumstances require no spoon feeding. But you have to marvel at the way the media whips this stuff, and worse … at the way rank incompetence at the SFA and the SPFL seem to hand them things to moan about over and over again.

You will not get a finer example of that than what happened yesterday. Their forums are ablaze with theories and speculation and anger bubbles away. They are in this fevered state because our august governors have given their imaginations more fuel than they ever needed.

It started before the votes were even in, when Sevco’s pitiful alternative proposal was binned for lacking competence.

It is a perfect summation of the board there as a whole.

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Celtic’s greatest ever comeback was in 1967 against Inter Milan. How much of the game had been played before Celtic scored the equaliser?

The club released one of its famous statements, slamming the governing body whilst admitting that they knew their proposal wasn’t up to snuff. The governing body shot back, pretty much accusing them of being idiots and trying to play to the gallery.

Quite how Stewart Robertson can sit on the board he’s attacked is unclear … this is Sevco though, and as Phil said in his latest piece “this isn’t a football club, it’s a lost Mr Bean script.”

Yet the SPFL is not entirely within sin here.

They have fuelled this nuttiness themselves, first insisting on a 5pm deadline for the votes to be in and then having to backtrack and admit that the clubs in the league actually had 28 days instead.

The confusion over Hearts’ vote – they got theirs in late, voting no after it was already too late to matter as the score was 10-1 in favour of the proposals by then – was only the first bit of it. Dundee’s “missing vote” sparked all kinds of bizarre discussions about whether it had been deliberately lost, and was the club being pressured to change its mind.

Dundee admitted this morning that they didn’t vote at all.

This, you’d think, would end the nonsense but of course it hasn’t. Dundee has been “got to” … this is now the operating theory of the day, and if they do vote in favour of the proposals all manner of bile is going to pour out of Sevconia in their direction as well as that of the SPFL and SFA themselves.

Frankly, our governing bodies couldn’t organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery.

Sevco and its rabid supporters don’t have to look too far to see something that stinks, but it doesn’t stink of backroom deals, secret handshakes and blood oaths taken in front of a portrait of Henrik Larsson; it is good old fashioned Scottish football halfwittery.

You won’t be able to tell the Peepul that, they will believe what they want to … and they seem to want to believe that Celtic has orchestrated this vote and perhaps the coronavirus too in order to get our hands on a league title where we were already 13 points clear with only eight games to go … if you are looking for logic in that good luck to you.

That word does not belong in any discussion about how these Peepul think.

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