Alex Rae Has Become An Embarrassment To Himself With His Bitter Anti-Celtic Ranting.

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Anyone listening to Radio Clyde this past week could not have missed the idiotic Alex Rae bumbling his way through a debate on tainted titles.

This website has long argued that if these morons want this discussion we should all be perfectly willing and ready to have it with them.

The more I listen to clowns like this trying to argue that black is white, trying to change a story that’s already written, incapable of altering for even one second the truth that the rest of the world accepts, the more I want that debate.

I freely admit this; I take a certain demented pleasure for their willingness to look and sound ridiculous, and small, and petty, and bigoted, and bitter.

I know what we get out of it; we get to show these people up as swivel headed goons who would attempt to exploit a global catastrophe to achieve what they couldn’t on the park, and we get to focus the attention of the world on the EBT era and all that went with that.

Our enthusiasm for the discussion just makes good sense.

Quite what they get out of it I have no idea.

Even if they were somehow to succeed in the court of public opinion, instead of sounding pathetic, the historical record will not alter.

Celtic will not have the title snatched from them.

Even in their fantasy scenario where they somehow win the argument, they are never going to win the war.

Nine in a row is a fact.

It Is perfectly obvious that this is a fool’s ploy they are engaged in here.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

This might well be the reason they use only the purest fools to push it. And if we had a dream pick for the person you’d most want to have this discussion with, surely only John Brown could provide us with more entertainment even as we crush them. Rae’s IQ is hardly earth shattering.

On Clyde this week he tried to beat a Celtic fan in the debate by asking the guy if he was actually saying that the tainted titles from the EBT era should be scrapped. The answer to that is surely obvious; of course they should be scrapped.

Rae somehow seems to believe that any call for those titles to be taken away somehow legitimises his argument about this particular title.

Which shows what an eejit he is.

As the caller pointed out time and again, what’s happened with our title was not only in keeping with the rules as they are written and published in the SPFL’s own regulations, but it was confirmed by a vote of the whole league structure, and it was endorsed by the unanimous consent of the SPL clubs.

Our title did not involve the breaking of a single rule.

There are times when even I get tired pointing out fact and logic to these muppets, and this is one of those times.

The SPFL regulations explicitly allow for the season being brought to a close before all the teams have played 38 games. Furthermore, those regulations are explicit on what happens with the league placings, and in particular for the team at the top.

That team are crowned Champions of Scotland.

As we were sitting on a 13-point lead when the curtain came down there can be not the slightest doubt that we are entitled to that accolade or that we would ultimately have won it anyway had the season been able to go on. Nobody really disputes either of these things.

Rae himself publicly congratulated Lennon and Celtic on “winning the league” so what in God’s name is he talking about now when he claims that we didn’t actually do so? He’s an embarrassment only to himself here, and the longer he bangs on about this the dafter he sounds.

In many ways, he’s now at the level King reached when he told the media that Celtic’s first five titles didn’t count because his pitiful NewCo wasn’t in the league when they were won.

Stranraer haven’t been in the SPL since the cycle started. Maybe we should discount all of them on account of that fact. This is King’s perverse logic, and it’s still no less ridiculous than the nonsense which is coming out of Alex Rae’s mouth at the current time.

And he’s not the only one either; ex-Ibrox defender Gareth McAuley, who’s career lasted until he was 39 and who never won a major honour, is at it again in his childish column in a Belfast paper again today, trying to make the same argument which was already debunked and saw him humiliated on social media a week ago.

We don’t call these Peepul Sevconuts for nothing.

Here’s where their arguments fall down dead; Celtic’s title win is legitimate because it was in keeping with the rules. The difference between that and the EBT titles as that the existence of the famous “side-letters” expressly violated those same regulations.

They were concealed from the governing bodies, rendering the contracts illegitimate.

Those guys diddled the tax man and the tax payer – that’s all of us – to get their hands on winner’s medals. The asterisk is quite literal in those cases; it is there, it is real, and it will remain there as long as the trophies and titles themselves do.

Only on the day that those trophies and titles are withdrawn will the asterisk itself be removed.

Rae seems to long for it. He and others seem to want that debate opened up all the way, for the extent of that rule-breaking to be made clear.

At the same time, he wants to focus the attention on the world on how far in front of Sevco we actually were when the season ended … and of how we’d have mopped the floor with them had it been played out to its conclusion.

And even as he’s called the decision to end the league season a scandal, he wants the Scottish Cup to be closed out instead of played to its end over the summer.

If you are looking for consistency from this moron I’m afraid there is none to be had.

The more he talks the clearer it becomes; these Peepul are all over the place.

Their bitterness and spite have fried what few brain cells they possessed.

They are not only pissing in the wind, they are howling at the moon as well.

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