Ally McCoist And The Sevco “Investment” Delusion. Celtic Has Nothing To Fear Here.

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Of all the things that Celtic should fear in the coming weeks and months, the idea that someone with deep pockets is going to raid them to “invest” in the floundering Ibrox NewCo is far and away the least scary. Indeed, it is laughable.

This story is as old as Sevco itself.

Every season we read the same garbage; the big investment is just around the corner.

Let me remind you that it has been nonsense every single season so far and it is most certainly nonsense right now.

The clue is in the word; investment. I know this is not a bothersome detail to many of the hacks, but the word implies that cash is put in so that those who did it can later on take out a profit.

This is the way it is supposed to work.

Yet today, on TalkSport, a station increasingly divorced from reality, Ally McCoist was allowed to talk all this “investment” twaddle again. He has been told things, apparently. He knows that the cash is finally on its way to the Ibrox vaults.

Even the most modest, minor, portfolio manager knows this stuff is pie in the sky. Football, like every other industry, is at a standstill. How hard do you think it would be to get someone to come onto the radio or appear in the papers to scoff at the idea?

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You could simply pick up the phone book and find an expert who would dismiss the idea out of hand in two seconds flat, and really … you don’t even have to go that far.

Just apply a little common sense to the situation.

The Treasury is propping up businesses with grants and loans and straight up giving cash to people to stay in jobs but not go to work … and this geezer thinks that high calibre businesses or high net worth individuals are going to pour money into the bottomless pit of Ibrox from the greater glory of the Peepul and Steven Gerrard?

What a bizarre way these folks see the world.

Even at the best of times the idea would be one step above utterly ridiculous.

In case no-one has told these morons this, we’re nowhere near in the best of times at the moment.

The idea itself is preposterous.

Today, the Scottish Government has published its roadmap for getting us out of this mess … when football might not be ready to play by August anyone sitting watching our game knows that it’s all up in the air. Nobody will be watching it and thinking “that’s where I’ll put my cash.”

Sevco is a basket case club; there would be almost no chance of them finding such funding even in perfect conditions. But these stories are important to morale over there. They are vital to keep that club going.

Without these kinds of tales Sevco would struggle to sell any season tickets at all, even under optimal conditions.

This hasn’t come from the club; this is one idiot taking a punt.

But TalkSport gives any old nonsense a megaphone.

In the meantime, Celtic continues to sit atop the power structure of the Scottish game, and although we will not be comfortable we can at least say with assurance that we will still be standing and we’ll still be the most powerful club.

Sevco is not going to catch us. That’s the simple truth of it.

Fantasies of big spending at Ibrox to bridge the gap are nothing but wishful thinking, and I use that term loosely because I see precious little evidence that any thought has gone into it at all.

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