Celtic Finally Releases The Statement … And It Slams Sevco For Their “Irrational” Behaviour.

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Celtic finally released their statement on Sevco’s barmy inquiry call, and it was well worth waiting for as they slammed Sevco for their reckless behaviour, defended the integrity of the SPFL board and made it clear that clubs have too many things to concern them to continue wasting time on such the ridiculous business of fear and smear.

Celtic clearly understands that there is an agenda at play here which goes beyond a single vote.

In their rousing defence of the current SPFL board they are saying that the biggest club in the land is pretty pleased with the status quo … and there are reasons why this is a good message to send out at the present time. Above all is stability.

Like it or not – and I am loathe to write this – the SPFL board performed their task here in the best interests of Scottish football as a whole.

Those who see conspiracies around every corner can believe what they want, and throw all the mud they like.

The simple fact is, the decision the clubs arrived at last month was the correct one for the game.

“Celtic Football Club welcomes the decisive vote by SPFL clubs to reject a lawyer-led inquiry into the processes relating to the resolution approved last month with support from the vast majority of clubs,” is how our statement begins. “We are satisfied that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing by the board or executive and do not consider that such an inquiry is necessary.”

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

Then, taking a direct shot at the lunatics over in La La Land we continue with this;

“This current crisis is the fault of no individual or organisation and it would be irrational to suggest otherwise. It is the duty of everyone committed to the future of our game to make the best of this awful situation, and not the worst.”

Did we just accuse Sevco and its directors of being irrational?

You know I think we did.

And we’re right to, because they are crazier than the proverbial shit-house rats over there.

We then go on to defend Doncaster, McKenzie and MacLennan.

“We greatly regret the denigration of named individuals who have, on every occasion, acted upon decisions which were made by the board of the SPFL, representing all 42 clubs. The board and executive of the SPFL have operated under circumstances of unique difficulty in dealing with challenges of an unprecedented nature.”

The statement ends with a reminder that safety counts above all else; see that statement as a slap-down of all the Peepul who say these games should be played whatever the cost.

Sevco, don’t forget, wanted to play them in front of full stands … at least until they dug up their own pitch and made the completion of the season an actual impossibility.

Celtic have played a blinder throughout this.

The silence from Parkhead has spoken volumes.

The club waited until this moment to throw our grenades; every last one has hit with force.

Sevco and its allies have been revealed as grubby, self-interested malcontents putting their own desires before the good of the game as a whole.

And in contrast, we look measured, calm, compassionate and responsible.

There was only one real winner here.

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