Celtic’s Title Is Delayed. It Will Not Be Cancelled No Matter What Sevco Fans Continue To Think.

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The writing is on the wall friends.

It is on the wall in letters so big that even Sevco can no longer ignore what is inevitable.

Celtic will be crowned SPL champions as soon as this coming week and everyone knows it full well. There will be some half-hearted efforts made at planning for a contingency where matches can still take place in the 2019-20 campaign, but almost everyone recognises that as a futile exercise.

A lot of people assume that playing behind closed doors is a simple exercise involving no more than a couple of dozen people.

What madness. It is a complex operation, and especially if there are TV cameras there, which would easily put hundreds of folk in harm’s way, and this includes players, club staff and officials.

The PFA won’t allow it until we’re significantly further forward in getting the virus’s reproductive rate down, and until there’s a notable fall-off in hospital admissions and deaths. We are still nowhere near that, almost six weeks in.

We know there is no realistic prospect of more games being played in this campaign, and that is a source of real regret for our supporters and, indeed, everyone connected to the club.

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How many Polish footballers have played for Celtic?

We all wanted to see this season played to a close, all the more as it would have given us a shot at the quadruple treble, and a record which would never have been beaten.

None of that will happen. If you want to know which team and who’s supporters have suffered most for the premature end to this campaign then look no further; it is us, of course. The wailing coming from elsewhere is pitiful in light of that.

The club doing most of this weeping, of course, is Sevco. Their board is now engaged in a shabby game of bluff, trying to look strong on the subject even though they know full well that nothing they do or say will have the slightest impact on how this ends.

They have realised this too. Behind the scenes, they have all but conceded the inevitability of it even as they are publicly making nuisances, and fools, of themselves. That whole club right now – from their dodgy dossier to their “opposition” to Celtic getting the title – is an exercise in smoke and mirrors, designed to fool only those who’s money they need.

They are treating their own fans like mugs.

Many of them still believe that Celtic’s ninth title is going to be snatched away from us at the last minute by some combination of scandal at the SPFL and a brand new vote where they take the Dutch precedent, although that looks likely to end in tears.

This belief is being encouraged by their own club, and by a media which never stops trying to chip away at our legitimacy. But it’s all for naught.

Do not listen to these Peepul. They are heading for one big fall because they continue to believe the nonsense they hear and read from their own press releases and from some of the idiots who work in the Scottish sports media.

None of them can stop this. We are the champions.

It’s just about waiting now until it’s official.

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