Ewan Cameron’s Lennon “Apology” Is A Reminder Of What A Bitter Coward He Really Is.

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Ewan Cameron is a nonentity. Before the season kicked off I neither knew who he was nor cared.

Where’s he been since his brief period of notoriety when he was the subject of scorn from all across Celtic cyberspace?

A good answer would be “in hiding.”

Cameron opened this campaign with the bullish prediction that Gerrard would win the league and that Lennon would not last the season.

It was ludicrous. It wasn’t so much crystal ball gazing as it was simply crystal bollocks.

It was wishful thinking to a fare-thee-well, and the kind of rakings from the floor of the Sevco fan forums which we all routinely howl at.

I thought his posturing was pathetic. At the time he did it, I went onto to Twitter and offered him a straight-up £50 bet that Lennon would win the title and that it would be Gerrard who found his jacket on a shoogly peg.

For all his preening, he didn’t even grant me the courtesy of a reply.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

That sums the man up. That shows you what he’s all about. He showed himself to be spineless.

Today he’s tweeting his congratulations to Lennon, but it’s not with any sincerity. He even tries to excuse his own stupidity by hiding behind other people, saying that “I, like many last summer, didn’t think Neil would win 9 in a row.”

Except here’s thing; I was one of the harshest critics of Lennon getting job, as everyone knows full well.

Many Celtic fans felt exactly the same way as I did.

Not one of us believed that Gerrard was good enough to take the title from him.

Not one of us believed either that Sevco had the stuff or that their manager was the equal of the man in our dugout.

A handful of hacks did predict a Sevco title win, but they are the ones, frankly, who are nothing more than mouthpieces for the Ibrox club. The Sevco fans certainly didn’t believe Lennon would get the best of the guy in their dugout.

But that is filtered through their own bigotry and hatred of the man himself, not on any rational assessment of his skills.

Cameron has made a mug of himself here, and no amount of spinning this is going to change that simple fact. He looks like a clown in front of all of Celtic cyberspace and to all the world at large. The man has no brains and no backbone either.

He is an embarrassment.

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