Jullien Spoke For All At Celtic As He Told The Sevconuts And Voiders How Proud He Is Of His Medal.

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Christopher Jullien spoke for everyone at Celtic Park, fans included, yesterday when he scorched the idea that Celtic should be somehow embarrassed by our ninth title.

This is a subject I’ve returned to a couple of times, because it’s such a pernicious little lie that it needs to be confronted over and over again.

Nobody at Celtic feels remotely embarrassed.

Scott Brown summed it up best when he told the snarks and the Sevconuts that if they want to come and see his trophy, his medals, they were welcome to.

History will record that the nine was secured when the maximum number of games possible had been played and that we had a hefty league lead in the bank.

13 points is not nothing … those of a Sevconian persuasion who have somehow convinced themselves they could have gone on a run and turned it around are not to be taken seriously. They belong in the padded cells of Hidden Hills.

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How many Polish footballers have played for Celtic?

If you watched Neil Lennon on Sky Sports News after the SPL made our title official, you’ll have seen how much he enjoyed having his hands on the trophy. I’m sure all of us have celebrated the triumph in whatever way was appropriate to our circumstances in lockdown.

As I said earlier in the week, I don’t know a single person who felt “defensive” about this … I know only people who regard this as one of the sweetest title wins in living memory.

I do myself. I think it is one of our best victories, and certainly one of the most satisfying, especially when you consider where the club found itself in December and the relentless pressure the media was trying to build against us.

Christopher Jullien has made it clear that he feels the same way.

When he spoke to the media the other day he was not in the least bit bothered by some of the nonsense that’s been churned out by the enemies of our club. They are doing their best to devalue our achievements, but they know they can only do so if we let them … our players have no intention of doing so.

These are the first honours Jullien has won in his career; anyone who expected this big guy, who has been magnificent for us, to be embarrassed by this title is nuts.

Nobody at Celtic Park is.

The people who ought to be embarrassed are those trotting out these pitiful lines … and more on one of them in a short order.

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