Lennon Has “No Sympathy” For Sevco. And Nor Should He. Celtic Are Worthy Champions.

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TalkSport had Lenny on earlier today. It also had McCoist talking more of his nonsense about asterisks.

I wrote about that subject earlier in the week; if they want the debate I’m having for us to have it.

If I were in their shoes, I’d steer clear of it personally.

Neil Lennon was on Sky Sports yesterday and I thought he was absolutely brilliant.

He spoke from the heart, and expressed his pride for the players and the club in getting to the magic nine. I thought it was a hugely important, and significant, interview for a number of reasons, but foremost amongst them was that he was able to counter all this “tainted title” garbage.

He took it even further when he went on Clyde last night and scorched that talk completely.

I had a good laugh at Alex Rae congratulating us on “winning the league.”

It is nice of him to be so magnanimous.

I laughed even louder at Sevconia’s reaction to it.

1 of 25

Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

But today, on TalkSport, they tried to trip Lennon up by asking him if he had sympathy for the Ibrox club who, they reckon, could still have caught us. Lennon has heard it all before by now, and there was no way he was falling into that particular trap.

“I’ve no sympathy at all, really,” he said. “I doubt any right-minded person would have envisaged (them) catching us. Not only were we 13 points clear but we had a 25 goal difference as well so you can easily say we were 14 points clear.”

He went on to point out that, actually, we’ve suffered more than anyone here.

“The only sympathy I have is for my own players in terms of they never got the chance to play out the season. They were also in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup as well and we were going for a fourth treble. Unfortunately, that was taken away from them for the time being.”

Lenny has got right to the heart of it here; no matter what the Ibrox NewCo and its fans might want to believe, we won this on the pitch but never got the chance to celebrate it right. We have been more hard-done by than anybody.

Our players and our fans have been denied a proper celebration for what is a generational title win … and we’re still waiting on the Scottish Cup.

It makes Sevco’s self-pitying wailing all the harder to stomach.

Their side could have made the SPFL’s decision a lot harder, but they weren’t up to the task on the pitch.

Our form has been brilliant, whilst theirs was all over the place.

Off the field, we’ve conducted ourselves impeccably the last few months whilst they’ve played fear and smear and trawled the gutter.

They do not deserve sympathy, not one fragment of it.

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