Let’s Get This Straight, Celtic Fans Are Not “Defensive” Over Our Nine In A Row Triumph.

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The Record Hotline has one of its bizarre headlines today; it is about Celtic fans being “defensive” about our nine in a row triumph because we “know” that Sevco fans “are right” about it carrying a taint. What total bollocks that is.

This is a belief that is widespread over in La La Land and I think it’s high time that it was firmly rebutted.

I don’t know a single Celtic fan who is defensive over this.

I don’t know a single Celtic fan who does not believe we are deserved and worthy champions.

Another Sevco fantasy is married to this ridiculous fiction; it’s that the whole SPFL vote was a Celtic conspiracy to end the season before they had a chance to catch us. It’s the belief that we were afraid to let this campaign play out in case we couldn’t close the deal.

I guess that Peepul dumb enough to believe this can believe that our fans are “defensive” about our victory as a result. That it’s patently untrue barely needs pointing out … except that, yes, maybe it does need pointing out.

Celtic had a 13-point lead and we were playing our best football of the season. I firmly believe we’d have left Ibrox with that gap widened. Their club was in freefall, their dressing room divided, their season just about over. They had nothing to play for.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

The celebrations over on their forums when the league season was furloughed at first were something to see; they really did believe that the whole thing would be simply voided and that we would have to accept that.

Then they convinced themselves that UEFA would step in and declare any decision to recognise us as champions a breach of their regulations.

One Sevco site – Ibrox Noise – actually thinks UEFA can be successfully lobbied to ban us from Europe and admit their club to the top competition instead.

When you are dealing with fools who believe this kind of nonsense you are going to struggle to talk sense to them.

But this idea that we are somehow ashamed of what we’ve achieved … it’s the stupidest retreat into unreality of them all over there. We are nine in a row winners and heading for ten. They can clutch whatever straws they want, but the history books will record this as a fact and our fans have celebrated the victory as we are entitled to.

What else did they expect?

That between them and the mainstream media that we’d retreat into a shell and not want to acknowledge our own accomplishment?


It was ever thus.

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