Loser McCoist Still Thinks Sevco Could Have Caught Celtic. He’s Back On The Deludamol.

Image for Loser McCoist Still Thinks Sevco Could Have Caught Celtic. He’s Back On The Deludamol.

Ally McCoist has never been the sharpest tool in the box, but his comments the other day on a radio show are ridiculous.

Sevco could still have caught us?

Really? It’s hard to believe that anyone actually believes that.

It’s incredible that he is given airtime to make that case without a single person challenging him for it.

There is a real structural weakness in the “voiders” argument; they claim that this is not “sporting” but not one of them can tell us why writing off 30 games which have actually been played and where the league table is clear is in keeping with the integrity of the sport.

On top of that, not one of them – and especially not McCoist – has ever adequately explained how the Ibrox club was going to overhaul a thirteen point (and a multi goal) lead when they only had nine games left and have not won five in a row since Gerrard became manager.

This ridiculous assertion that there were “two Celtic games and a game in hand” presumes an awful lot; first that they would have won those games, and second that they’d have won the matches which were peripheral to them. There is exactly zero evidence for either of those outcomes.

Yet McCoist and others are continuously allowed to push this line on various media platforms without contradiction, as though these were incontrovertible truths.

“How can you give people titles? You can’t give people titles, titles have to be earned and won,” he says as if there was not a single point on the boards. We have 80 of them. We have dropped points in 4 matches out of 30 … an incredible record and one which makes it abundantly clear that we have more than earned this.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

McCoist has also revealed a serious tendency to ignore inconvenient truths of another sort too.

He thinks Sevco has acted here with total propriety and that they aren’t particularly bothered about the destination of the league title.

Utter garbage.

“(They) have been critical, not of Celtic or any other team, (they) have been critical of the SPFL and the way they’ve conducted a vote, and they’re 100 per cent correct to be critical of that. There’s been absolutely no discussion, if there has I’ve missed it, about giving people titles.”

Maybe it’s just us who remember a statement out of Sevco which was focussed on precisely that subject, and not that long ago either.

“It is our firm view that this season’s league competition (2019/20) is only complete when all 38 games are played by all teams … we believe that final standings can only be confirmed when all games have been completed, not before. Any attempt to finish the season with a significant amount of games still to play, impacts upon the integrity of sport in Scotland.”

That was Stewart Robertson, late last month. It was the same statement in which they said that the only acceptable way for games to take place was in full stadiums. In other words, a statement that was so disengaged from reality you could smell the Deludamol.

McCoist has clearly been sampling the stuff himself.

To believe that the Ibrox club has acted with integrity here is laughable; they are the club most responsible for the current crisis.

They have manufactured it.

They continue to smear people all across the game.

And they only get away with this because eejits like this are given airtime to push their bizarre conspiracy theories and nonsensical assertions.

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