Our Game Is Not “At War.” One Club Is Behaving Disgracefully And Embarrassing Us All.

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Sevco’s dossier was a sham. The media’s support for them is shameful.

They want to continue pushing this ridiculous campaign of theirs although it has become a discredited joke. If the press were not so subservient and Ibrox-centric these clowns would be getting laughed out of the room. Any other club who raised these ridiculous issues would be.

There are some who try to convince you that Scottish football is “at war with itself.”

This is a line that has been pushed in various outlets over the past few days.

Another discredited joke, Tom English of the BBC, published a piece today saying that “Scottish Football is at war with itself.”

That contention is absolutely false. One club is determined to destroy the consensus.

There are some others who are hanging onto their coat-tails, desperate for a reprieve from their own self-inflicted wounds, but most of Scottish football has other things on its mind than what the governing body called a “self-serving” campaign to destabilise its top ranks.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

The game is not at war. Sevco wants to take on Neil Doncaster and the SPFL executive, and they have their eyes on those at the top of the SFA as well.

Who knows why they’ve chosen this moment for their kamikaze action? It might be that it’s because their club is in real peril and they want to create a scenario where they can claim it’s the fault of others … perhaps in an effort to strong-arm the rest of the game into giving them some kind of bail out.

That could very well be it, you know.

What’s clear is that is that most of the game looks at the behaviour of the Ibrox club with disgust and derision.

Their conduct over the past few weeks has eliminated whatever goodwill there was, and let me tell you … there wasn’t a lot of it to begin with.

Most clubs have long viewed the Ibrox boardroom as a place full of crazies.

They’ve viewed that club as a little out there for a while now.

They’ve watched as King has bought a season ticket for the courts, been aghast as he’s been cold shouldered by the City, they’ve marvelled as deranged statements have flooded out of the PR team and they’ve been astonished at the level of paranoia and victimhood which seeps out of every wall and fitting.

English and other cretins seem to think Scottish football hates Sevco; in truth, most Scottish fans and clubs simply think of them as a basket case club run by lunatics and that’s not the same thing.

Their behaviour here has been absolutely self-destructive.

If they were not being propped up by the worst journalists in the football world they would be a universal laughing stock.

In other boardrooms they already are.

Scottish football simply wishes this lot would pipe down and let the sport start the long, slow process of figuring out what happens if the global health crisis drags on and on and on. In light of that, this would be small fry even if it wasn’t so obviously small fry.

There is no “war” going on here, just one demented board wanting to pick a fight with everyone else.

Those who wonder where this ends should stop wondering … it ends when the club responsible goes to the wall.

And that’s just a matter of time.

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