Our Idiotic Media Is Now Pushing The Line That Hagi Will Benefit All Scottish Football.

Image for Our Idiotic Media Is Now Pushing The Line That Hagi Will Benefit All Scottish Football.

Just when you think you’ve read all the guff that our media has to offer, The Sun and other outlets today are running a story based on an interview with ex Ibrox defender Dorian Goian wherein he has suggested that their signing the Romanian dud Hagi will “benefit all of Scottish football.”

What a preposterous notion that is.

“Scottish football needs a player like Ianis Hagi,” he said, as if the whole of the league was filled with cloggers and long-ball players without an ounce of skill. “He’s a special kind of player, someone who at any time can decide a game with one moment of magic”

What a ridiculous statement to make.

This guy played a dozen matches and materially influenced two of them; he got the winner against Hibs and two against Braga in a game where the team was dead and buried. I didn’t think he was particularly outstanding in either match by the way, and I didn’t see him dominate in any other game either.

How many points did they drop after this joker was signed?

How did they get on in the Scottish Cup again?

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

The hype surrounding this guy is up there with the nonsense which is still being talked about Kent, even after a distinctly underwhelming season.

Scottish football does not “need” the presence of a second rate foreign player with a famous name to make it attractive to fans. This is a joke and for the media to be running it is insulting to the whole of the game here. But what a boost to the egos of Sevco fans.

Which is kind of the point.

Earlier today, the Celts Down Under guys released their latest podcast, and I was happy to be interviewed for it.

One of the subjects which came up over and over again was our media; this is why they are such a focus on this site, garbage like this.

Scottish football is not in a good place – we all know that.

But the idea that this is what it’s been waiting for to perk it up is Sevcocentric guff of the very worst kind.

Another article, which has just appeared, by Joel Sked, The Scotsman’s village idiot, calls him “the most notable signing of the summer so far ..” which isn’t surprising since the window hasn’t opened yet and only Sevco is mad enough to commit to spending money they don’t have.

“On top of that, Hagi is a player with huge re-sell value,” this clown writes about the player who signed for Sevco in a cut price deal with Genk accepting a loss on their investment after less than a year. The player who couldn’t cut in Belgium and who flopped in Italy at Fiorentia’s reserves.

The media is already in love with this guy … I couldn’t be happier.

The greater the hype the further the fall … that’s how it works over there.

James Forrest is the guest on the latest Celtic Down Under podcast, which you can listen to here.

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