Our Media Has Been Such A Disgrace This Past Month They’ve Made Doncaster Look Good.

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Paul Brennan at CQN posted a good piece today on Doncaster’s performance on Radio Scotland over the weekend.

I would agree that he handled himself well; indeed, he handled himself far better than the “journalist” Tom English did during and after the interview.

English is the guy a lot of the bloggers are singling out, and there’s a good reason why.

The man is a complete clown, and he’s been niggling away not just at Doncaster and the SPFL board over the last few weeks but obliquely hinting that Celtic are a dark influence behind the scenes. His recent snark, asking our fans why we “feared” Sevco’s independent inquiry demand, was scandalous and it makes Radio Scotland look dreadful that they indulge this.

Michael Stewart was suspended by the same people for a few choice words about Jim Traynor.

The ban was given, in part, because Traynor was “not there to defend himself.”

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How many Polish footballers have played for Celtic, including our new Bhoy?

Well, English and his colleagues on there only invited Doncaster on in the first place after they had pushed Sevco’s smear campaign for weeks, and lacerated the man without mercy.

They aren’t the only ones. The media has been a flat out disgrace for the last month or so.

They have lamentably failed not only their readers but the wider Scottish game.

The game is facing serious, perhaps even existential, questions; they are focussed on Sevco’s latest wailing. I cannot wait until this “evidence” of theirs is published; the press is going to look absolutely ridiculous for banging this drum on their behalf.

They will owe not only those running the game an apology but they’ll owe one to all of their readers as well.

I have given the media many lashings in the past, but the one they will be due if it turns out that Sevco has grafted them here they will be deserving of every bit of contempt that is poured onto them. They have been told time and time again not to trust a word that comes out of Ibrox, but they continue to do so anyway.

When will they learn?

Tomorrow, maybe.

But in the meantime they are continuing to push the line that the SPFL has behaved disgracefully.

Most of the clubs who voted yes must feel insulted by the way this narrative has been played out, but have remained silent.

That may change tomorrow too.

In the meantime, the media has done something I didn’t even think was possible; they have given Neil Doncaster legitimacy.

They have made the man look good. There isn’t a single football fan in the country who didn’t want that man turfed out of his job … but he would probably win a vote amongst a lot of the fans at the moment … and that’s down to the press.

Because we know when someone is being hung out to dry, and the media is happy to see Doncaster swing simply because Sevco has issues with him.

Remember when Celtic had issues with him? Who cared then?

The media told us to “move on” … for the good of the game.

Which is hilarious considering the current circumstances we find ourselves in.

Fans know that too; they understand that we all have bigger things to worry about than whether a handful of clubs feel piqued at the way the vote has gone and the way the season looks certain to end. Patience with these Peepul is just about at an end; The Record’s dire hacks might hope that this is the moment Ibrox finds its voice and its power, but it’s just as likely that tomorrow will be the day that their last remaining shred of credibility is shot.

And Doncaster will be stronger than ever.

What a ridiculous outcome.

Thank the media if that’s what comes to pass.

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