Resolution 12: The Celtic Shareholders Have A Case And This Issue Is Not Going Away.

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Earlier today, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain put up an excellent article on the continuing saga of Resolution 12.

Once again, he’s pursuing something from Ireland that the Scottish media, who are supposed to be the ones covering the stuff, are not.

What happened with Resolution 12 during the week was another curiosity that shines an unforgiving light on our hacks. The SFA has a valid disciplinary case. OldCo Rangers are not around to answer it, but they could have pushed it to CAS anyway, and then what the club did would be on the record for all time.

Everyone would know that they were guilty.

That is important. Guilt should have been established as a fact. Once, when speaking to Peter Lawwell, he acknowledged that all Celtic has ever wanted is for someone to stand up and say “yes, things were done wrong. Rules were broken. Lessons have been learned.”

What sticks in the throats of everyone is that we are denied any kind of answer from the governing bodies.

Sevco fans claim they have been found innocent; they haven’t been. That is not remotely true, or a proper reflection of what has happened here. The SFA simply decided not to push the case as far as they could have. That is a failure of governance.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

It is not the only one.

Our journalists spent weeks pulling the SPFL apart over a vote; this is an example of a club that lied in its application for a European license, and the SFA accepted that there was a case to answer and yet did not seek those answers from an independent body who would have got to them.

You tell me which is the greater scandal, Dundee changing a vote or this?

The media does not seem to think this one matters.

Which is why it’s left, again to an Irish NUJ journalist to do their job for them and ask the questions that matter.

Phil has always been at the forefront of these kind of issues.

It is not for nothing that so many of us respect him and trust him on these matters.

He has emailed the SFA ten questions in relation to this matter; you can read these questions by clicking the link on the first line of the piece.

These are ten questions more than any of our local hacks has even bothered to ask.

That is a scandal in and of itself, especially when they have been banging on about bad governance for the better part of a month.

Present with rootless allegations against Doncaster and others, supported by not one shred of evidence, and they get in a lather.

Present them with an SFA case which was regarded as open and shut and which our governors will not pursue … and you get nothing at all.

We should be grateful that someone with an NUJ card and the ability to get answers cares Because not one of our domestic hacks gives a toss.

For all that, as Phil’s questions prove, this matter refuses to die. It is not for nothing that the Resolution 12 guys chose the words “persistence beats resistance.”

I believe that one day we’ll see this as a case in point.

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