Sevco Gets Just 13 Votes As Their “Independent Inquiry” Call Is Kicked Into Touch.

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Democracy, eah? Ain’t it a bitch?

As everyone will be aware, having already lost one battle in front of the SPFL, Sevco put forward their demented call for a vote on an independent inquiry into why they didn’t win the first one. Today it was defeated resoundingly.

They got 13 votes for it.

There were 27 against.

Two other clubs didn’t even think it was worth bothering with and abstained.

Who here thinks they’ll want an inquiry and a vote into why they didn’t get their inquiry?

You would not put anything past these folks at the present time.

Later on I’m going to do a piece on what the Hell this was all about.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

If that piece is published and Stewart Robertson has not either been asked to step down from the SPFL board or voluntarily done so I will be astonished.

Don’t be surprised if Sevco doesn’t nominate its new pal at Inverness to replace him.

Equally however, do not let anyone tell you this was about something it was not.

70% of the clubs have booted this into the long grass.

Look out for a media narrative that one third of the clubs are unhappy with the SPFL board.

That is nonsense of course; amongst those who voted in favour of this are people who believe the inquiry is necessary to clear this matter up once and for all.

This wasn’t about lack of faith in the governing bodies or those who run football in Scotland, and do not listen to anyone who says that it was.

If it was a vote on that basis, I’d have been urging Celtic to support it.

No, this was a vote on rumours and innuendos and one club’s selfish agenda. Some voted for an inquiry because they know those allegations cannot be hanging over the game. Others climbed on board the bandwagon for reasons of their own.

What matters is that this particular agenda has suffered a humiliating defeat. But do not expect this to be the last shot Sevco and their allies take. This is about more than just depriving Celtic of a title; this is a game for high stakes.

And later on I’ll tell you what the real objective here is.

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