Sevco’s Rabid Fans Are Turning On Their Club Over The SPL’s Decision To Confirm Celtic Champions.

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Celtic has been confirmed as nine-in-a-row champions, and for Sevco fans that has been hard enough to take.

Yet the real sting in the tail is that their club voted to end the campaign and thus see us crowned.

Sevco fans are furious. Their forums are aflame with seething anger.

I don’t know why they are so surprised … but I do understand it.

Because their club has supported this outcome in private over the last week.

They know that it is the right thing to do. At the same time, for all their protestations in favour of Hearts they have also signed off on that club being relegated. Like King, the directors at that club have the amazing ability to speak out of both sides of their own mouths at once.

But make no mistake about this; what Sevco fans have clung to all through the lockdown so far is this idea that Celtic being “given” the title by the SPFL was the issue for which their board were perfectly willing to die in the ditch.

It was supposed to be non-negotiable.

In some ways they have kept their promise; they didn’t negotiate.

What they did instead was roll over and allow their tummies to be tickled.

So yes, I understand their anger … but they ought not to have been shocked.

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The SPFL vote went against them and their demand for an inquiry went against them, but those were smokescreens to cover the real retreat … the null and void option would have crippled them and they know it, and so accepting the league on the “as you were” basis was really the only viable plan.

Sevco fans were encouraged to believe that their club would never accept any scenario where the league was finished, and prizes handed out, based on current placings.

Who said so? The club itself did, in one of their foaming statements a month or so back.

This is one of those occasions – one of the few – where I can’t actually blame the Sevco supporters for their fury. The club has lied to them. It has led them up the garden path just long enough to stick a hand in their pockets. That’s all they care about.

As I said the other day in a lengthy piece, I understand it because they need that cash to survive at all. But they are weak men over there at Ibrox and were never likely to buck this when the consequences were so grave, and so readily apparent.

A lot of their fans are hiding behind a form of words tonight, that the SPL voted to end the season and not to give out trophies. They can believe that as they wish, but a press release from their own club made it clear than only a 38 game campaign could be regarded as complete; they have wholly given their endorsement to this decision and reversed themselves.

And they were always going to; remember, they also dug up their pitch less than a week after demanding that the season be closed in front of full houses.

For weeks now this site and others have been telling Sevco supporters that they could not trust their own club to take this to the wire. We’ve pointed out that the threat of legal action was empty and absurd. The announcement that this had been supported by unanimous decree means that their talk of tainted titles and asterisks is not supported even inside the walls of Ibrox. Because how can a title be illegitimate when their own club has voted to recognise it?

This is the dilemma that will haunt their tiny minds for a long time to come.

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