Sevco’s Stance On Celtic Getting The Title Shows Their Dishonesty To Their Own Fans.

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The news yesterday that Sevco has “no objection” to Celtic being the title when the season is formally brought to a close is revealing in two ways.

First, it shows that their club has realised when it is beaten both on and off the park and secondly it shows that their humiliation at the hands of the other clubs has thoroughly cowed them.

They may well try to talk a good game, and rattle the bars a wee bit but the battle is over and they know it.

The escalation they are threatening – which is taking things to the courts – is not going to happen and everyone who is not wired to the moon knows it.

Sevco is a selfish club, run by small men obsessed by small matters.

Quite how their supporters can trust them at all beats me, because that club is so polished at lying to everyone that I wonder a single person believes anything from them.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

The media were made to look utterly ridiculous during the week; Sevco fans will get their turn when Celtic are confirmed as champions and their club is forced to make the choice between kicking up a fake fuss when it can be easily exposed as such or remaining silent and thus conceding that it was not only inevitable but the right and proper thing to do.

Either way, they are going to cheese off a significant portion of their supporter base with it, and after vowing to die in the ditch to prevent just that outcome they will have been exposed, once more, as a club which is characterised by its fundamental dishonesty.

I don’t expect it to do them any damage, even in the short to medium term. They have a fan base which is as dumb as a box of rocks and a local media which will never even bother to point out the blatant contradictions or reversals of what’s meant to be a point of principle.

The old adage says “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me …”

How many times are this lot going to string their fans along as they’ve done since this crisis hit? Their dodgy dossier turned out to be a handful of nothing and they set their faces against Celtic getting the total only to roll over like a dog wanting its belly tickled in the end …

In the meantime, their fans are being asked to part with their hard earned cash, and nobody will admit that it’s needed just to keep the lights on.

Fools and their money are soon parted.

That’s another old adage.

So too is this one; there’s one born every minute.

No wonder Larkhall is so crowded.

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