The Hilariously Bad Decisions Taken At Ibrox Which Helped Our Quest For Nine.

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Yesterday I did a piece on the ten decisions made inside Celtic Park which led us to nine in a row.

It can be read by clicking on this link.

Today I want to look at ten decisions, hilarious decisions, bad decisions, awful decisions, which happened elsewhere and which helped us along the way.

They include three disastrous managerial appointments, one boardroom coup, a needless war with a sports franchiser and a couple of other pieces of bizarre Ibrox behaviour.

No other football club in the world makes mammoth errors in judgement quite so consistently or over such a long period of time.

This is why we still call these “the banter years”; there is no end in sight to the Ibrox operations’ capacity for self-harm.

Even in the present time, when clubs are scrambling to make cuts, they continue to leak transfer stories to the press in the hope of convincing their own fans that they are making giant strides. They continue to hang on to delusions of grandeur.

Until they radically break from these patterns of behaviour they are never going to be able to touch us.

Indeed, mistakes made already make stopping ten impossible and have eroded their chances of preventing us from reaching 55 almost completely.

From Rangers to Sevco, the line of disasters is just about unbroken.

And to start with, let’s go all the way back to when there was still a club called Rangers playing at Ibrox … let’s go back to what might have been the worst bad decision of them all except for EBT’s …

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