As we get nearer to Celtic getting this title – and most experts think that it will be finally decided for us on Monday – the rancour amongst some of the Sevconuts is going to reach fever pitch. There are already calls for a rethink on the null and void nuclear option; they will be roundly ignored.

That leaves just one stratagem open to them.

To call our title win “tainted” somehow. To suggest it carry an asterisk beside it.

Many of the people who are pushing this toxic line are, themselves, vulnerable to the allegation because some of them were at Ibrox during the era of the EBT’s. It is amazing to me how many of them are darlings of the media, able to spout the worst kind of nonsense and be taken seriously by the press no matter what.

It is even more amazing how many of them have landed jobs within the press, from which to talk this crap. BBC’s studios have allowed a fairly big number of them to troop in and out over the years, apparently without a second thought.

This is the story of some of those men … and in particular, the winners medals that they would have to forfeit if we take this thing to its natural conclusion … as we should have and sometime in the future almost certainly will.

Hey they wanted the conversation about tainted titles … they’ve got it.