The SFA’s Resolution 12 Decision Is A Cynical Disgrace. Celtic Must Not Accept It.

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Thanks to Phil Mac Giolla Bhain today for being first to this story.

The SFA dropped a press release into the ether today, one that was deliberately timed to coincide with yesterday’s decision to end the league campaign.

The announcement says that the governing body will not be handing the Resolution 12 case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

This decision is a disgrace. Celtic must not accept it.

The SFA has clear evidence relating to wrong-doing at Ibrox in 2011.

They have a responsibility to the game itself to hand that evidence to CAS.

Celtic, as a member club, are entitled to that due process.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

If we simply ignore this and say nothing it will raise serious questions about our own directors and their willingness to see this matter properly investigated.

The SFA made this decision knowing that most Celtic fans would still be focussed on the news from yesterday.

They timed it perfectly, because they know the media will not attack them for it.

The press has spent the last month going after the SPFL on behalf of Sevco; there is no way they will start trying to tear down the SFA over their historical protection of Rangers.

Take a look at the last four or five weeks.

Anyone on the Sevco side who really believes that their club is hard-done by and a victim of the authorities is kidding themselves on.

Any other club who acted as they did would have faced charges of bringing the game into disrepute. Stewart Robertson sits on the SPFL board. He should have been turfed off immediately that he was identified as Sevco’s “whistle blower” in violation of his directorial duties.

And now the previous Ibrox operation has been granted absolution from the SFA over their historical scandal.

You might as well just let Alastair Johnson join the current Ibrox board and have done with it.

If Celtic accept this our own directors have questions to answer.

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