With His Latest SPFL Remarks, McCoist Is Acting Like A Child Throwing His Toys Out The Pram.

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What even to say about Ally McCoist at this moment?

What is the love affair with this guy in some sections of the media and in society?

A decent player he might have been, but McCoist was a disaster as a manager and his conduct in that job was shocking at times.

He has never had another managers job. He is not rated.

Not even the lowliest Scottish club would touch him.

The English league chairmen sniggered at the very idea.

He was on hand for the end of Rangers and his policies wrecked any chance Sevco had of building a youth team and stockpiling money for a real push when they got to the SPL.

He makes a fool of himself over and over again in his interviews. He weighs in on subject and issues without a thought, and often without a clue as to what he’s talking about. His comments yesterday are exactly that; they are utter nonsense, essentially clueless.

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Who scored Celtic’s first ever goal against Sevco?

He has jumped into the SPFL debate several times, but his most recent intervention – where he has questioned the integrity of the recent vote to deny Sevco their inquiry – are ridiculous. His complaint is that there were SPFL board members representing clubs who vote, therefore the vote was neither democratic nor legitimate.

I mean, what planet is this clown on?

He appears to think that those clubs should have sat out the vote.

But what about clubs who were impacted by the initial vote? That would have ruled out Hearts, who seconded it, and Thistle and others who supported it. What about Sevco, who prejudiced any inquiry by already openly calling for the resignations of those at the top? How could they have voted?

McCoist doesn’t really think things through very well.

We know this by his previous statements and his previous behaviour, such as the time he suggested that Celtic fans were responsible for the Ibrox team bus being burned, or his demand for the names of the anonymous board members from an SFA discipline panel some years back.

McCoist doesn’t like rules and regulations when they are applied to his favourite club; that’s the bottom line here.

He doesn’t like anything that goes against their wants or needs.

McCoist cannot see the world through anything other than a blue lens … when TalkSport and other outlets put him on, or the newspapers print his words when he is, they are not acting as independent media organisations but as pushers of the Sevco and Ibrox agenda.

But they have no standards if this is the clown they are using.

He is a joke to most people in Scottish football. Except in the media bubble, no-one takes him seriously at all.

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