Sevco And Celtic: The Ongoing Feud That Is Keeping Football Interesting

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As Celtic are set to the league, the ongoing fight to come out on top between Sevco and Celtic was hotting up. At one point during the beginning of the season, it looked neck a neck, but with the season on hold at this time, it looks likely that Celtic will win the league currently sitting 13 points clear on the table.

The Current In The League

The ongoing feud between Sevco and Celtic is one that has had a majority of loyal football fans on the edge of their seats season after season. But with the fight heating up between these two outstanding clubs, there were many beginning to question whether Sevco manager Steven Gerard had it in him to catch up to Celtic. Before the cancellation of the Scottish Premier League due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fight was heating up between the two teams with a number of UK bookmakers seeing Celtic as the likely candidates to take home the title.

The Postponement Of The League

Despite the postponement of the league at this time, this current feud between the clubs has been kept interesting as football star Harry Redknapp has had something to say about the ongoing feud and how he believes that Celtic are on track to win by a landslide. When asked about Gerard’s performance at Sevco by the Scottish Sun he had this to say:

“I watched them (Sevco) batter Celtic in the but lose, and then I also saw them win well at Celtic Park. I thought then the league would go all the way to the wire.

“Now, though, it’s Celtic’s title. I don’t care what says.”

Sitting 13 points clear at the top of the league table at this time, it is looking all the more promising for Celtic and is likely that they will take home the title should the league resume following the pandemic.

The Curse Of Players Turned

However, with two seasons without a win for Steven Gerard, many are wondering how long he will last as the manager of Sevco. There have been several other football players turned managers that have not had a good run as managers. Could Gerard fall victim to the same fate as some of the other football players turned managers? Only time will tell.

Though many are looking forward to the return of the season, there is no set date at this time as lockdown measures around the UK continue to remain. However, we are sure that Celtic are on to a winner should this season resume in the summer.

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