Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about which Celtic player will move away from the club next.

It’s fairly standard stuff this, the kind of crap we’ve getting from the mainstream media for years. It’s that time of the year too; the transfer rumour time.

Today the rumours revolve around Odsonne Edouard, Callum McGregor and Kris Ajer.

All three would quite likely fetch large fees. Ntcham, Rogic and Forrest would too.

We will see Ryan Christie emerge as a major player in times to come as well.

As long as we have good players these stories will proliferate. Sometimes the players themselves will be seduced by the big money that was, until recently, on offer down south and elsewhere. This is the nature of the business now and we must understand that.

But the players themselves need to understand that money isn’t everything; indeed, almost every top footballer will retire with more money in the bank than the average citizen could ever hope to earn in a lifetime. We should not grudge them that, but we can mourn the rampant greed in a game where even mediocre players can earn mid-five figure sums every week for kicking a ball around.

Is money all that it’s about? I decided to look at the ten players who have left Celtic Park for the highest fees, and I’ve pondered whether or not they are better off for it.

Oh, I have no doubt that every single one of them is richer for it … but is that the same thing?

Who has made the right “footballing” choice?

You’d be surprised.