Alex Rae Is The Prize Idiot In The Media Village. The Press Should Be Embarrassed By His Presence.

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Last week, Alex Rae made a raging fool of himself yet again.

This time it was with the assertion that Sevco is only four player away from being able to challenge Celtic. Since I don’t believe he thought a Leicester youth player fitted into that jigsaw I have to surmise that they still are. Will they get them?

Rae means quality players of course, not dreck from the bargain basement.

But if Sevco can afford quality players then their alchemists have clearly been more successful than their football department and they ought to let the Treasury in on the secret. Because Sevco simply has no money for the four top footballers that they are going to need.

What a pity thought that Mbappe and Kane aren’t available, and going cheap. They’d only be two players short then, unless someone else (Celtic) got in first.

This is just more inane gibbering from a man who is a complete goon, and who this website has written about over and over again. Rae is not a controversialist; in other words, he’s not some hack, in the manner of Keevins or English, who thinks saying stuff to start an argument (not a debate, these guys always go over the score, quite deliberately) has some merit.

I can’t stand those people. That’s not journalism.

Anyone can start an online flame war; those in the media are supposed to present facts, not stir the shit. It’s unconscionable that so many of them have lost their bearings. English in particular irks everyone these days because he’s so clearly trying to cast himself in that mould, instead of doing his damned job.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

But like I said, Rae isn’t one of those guys.

When he opens his mouth and words tumble out, I have no doubt he means every word that he says.

The problem is, Alex Rae is thicker than a concrete milkshake and much less palatable. He is openly biased, ignorant of facts, disengaged with reality and unable to mount an argument with the slightest coherence. I do not understand what value he brings to any outlet.

Alex Rae is an embarrassment to every journalist in the trade, whatever you might think of their performances.

Last week, Graham Speirs tweeted his open contempt about a Sevco fan podcast which sought to cast The Daily Record as a pro-Celtic paper; the thing is, Rae frequently levels similar and equally deranged allegations at all and sundry.

If he had never played football for Sevco, what exactly would his qualifications be for sitting in a studio talking about it?

Is he really the most intelligent former player some of these outlets could find?

Not everyone in the sport is a brain-dead yahoo; Pat Nevin is a highly intelligent man despite some of the garbage he’s come out with over the years. Michael Stewart could talk with great insight on any number of subjects if his Twitter feed is anything to go by. Sutton and Hartson are articulate men. Provan, who I can’t stand, is clearly a smart cookie.

Look at the ranks of former English players in the media; only on TalkSport and other commercial radio stations will you find the twats, the eejits, the brainless dolts. Here, in Scotland, the newspapers and the radio shows and even the TV panels, are full of them.

Even on TalkSport, where they are beloved of McCoist, who talks not one bit of sense, you will not find the equivalent of an Alex Rae or Kris Boyd, unless they are interviewing one or the other. No TV company would ever put someone of that ilk on the telly as a co-presenter for a major match from the EPL. Only the worst local tabloids would employ one on a paper.

Not so in Scotland, where you can easily carve out a media career as an ex-player, and especially if you had washed up at Ibrox somewhere along the line. It drags the whole profession down because the only reason for hiring someone like that is to create controversy … in fact, all it does is show up this country as a parochial backwater full of morons.

It does nothing positive whatsoever for the image of the press.

And that’s humiliating. Especially for the handful of good journalists up here who you never see on the telly these days. When Michael Stewart was disgracefully suspended by the BBC they tried three different people in his seat on consecutive weeks; all their choices served to do was highlight Stewart’s absence all the more as not one of them had a fraction of his talent.

Alex Rae embarrasses the profession. The longer actual journalists insist on paying lip service to the idea that this guy belongs in the media the more he drags the lot of them down to his level. That level is about what you’d expect on the nuttier Ibrox fan forums.

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