Andy Walker, Celtic And His Delusion Of A “Thunderous Start” In Front Of No Supporters.

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Nobody who’s been reading this site a while needs to wonder what my opinion on Andy Walker is.

I’m afraid that’s well known to everyone, and no longer up for debate.

I think he’s a joke. I think Sky insults its Scottish viewers by having this halfwit on the telly.

Walker represents everything that is wrong with the way Scottish viewers are treated not only by that particular broadcaster but by all of them.

We suffer because our media here is so sub-par that those down in London just assume we all must button up the back. Perhaps they’ve failed to notice the vast proliferation of the blogosphere up here; Celtic must have more sites dedicated to it, written by fans and not just clickbait operators, than any other club.

And the deplorable standard of our media is just one of the reasons why.

Still, Sky in particular has an awful way of looking at the game here and you can blame their Scottish head of content for that. Walker is not the only manifestation of it, but he is definitely amongst the worst “pundits” appearing on the small screen.

His total knowledge of the wider game could be fit on the back of a postage stamp.

His insights are not going to stun fans into any epiphany except of the “Good God, I’m actually paying a fortune to watch this …” kind.

Yesterday he did two of the things he does best; he showed us all how dumb he is by talking absolute garbage and in doing so took a cheap shot at Celtic.

The subject matter was the SPFL fixture lists, and Celtic’s suggestion that the first match against Sevco be pushed to a time when there was at least the possibility of getting it played in front of fans.

Not a crazy suggestion.

That’s going to be a high-risk fixture even without supporters inside grounds, because if they are open pubs will be packed and if they aren’t then people are going to crowd into each other’s houses for it instead.

If the game can be moved to where we’re at least surer about where we are with this virus then that’s got to be all to the good, right?

Indeed, I’m certain that if this idea has originated at Ibrox it would already be meeting with nearly universal acclaim from a media which thinks every suggestion they make over there is gold standard stuff.

Not so when it’s Celtic making the call.

Walker dismisses Celtic’s idea out of hand, and for good measure he has proposed one of his own, with the “if I were in charge this is what I’d do” warning label attached; do not operate heavy machinery whilst listening to what I’m about to say.

Walker thinks the Celtic-Sevco game should be first on the card.

Oh yes. If he was in charge that’s how he’d do it, he says.

He’d stick it out there to ensure a “thunderous” start to the new season.

Take a moment to ponder the word “thunderous.”

I’m certain it isn’t defined, in a football sense, by a game played in the eerie silence of an empty ground.

When Lennon talked a few years back about “bringing back the thunder” I don’t think he meant the kind generated by a silent fart.

Walker really is an idiot of the first rate – that’s not exactly news – but this is stupid even by his notoriously dumb standards.

And I’d be willing to put it down to that except that it was clearly done with a measure of spite, as a means of undermining our argument.

He is a nasty little man, someone who’s “fifteen minutes of fame” should forever have been limited to that brief spell where he was scoring goals in a Celtic strip.

He has never been grateful for it; indeed, I would swear sometimes that he resents us for it.

It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

I think we’re all sorry that he’s parlayed it into a media career of sticking the boot into us, or trying to.

In fact, all he ever succeeds in doing is kicking himself in the face with it.

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