Charlie Nicholas Is Talking Nonsense About What Celtic’s Transfer Priorities Should Be.

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I always love it when those who never had managerial careers are waxing lyrical on who they think managers should sign and get rid of, what tactics those in the dugout should play and of how those who achieved what talking never could ought to listen more to hacks and commentators who know the sum total of nothing about what it’s like.

Charlie Nicholas has always been one such eejit, talking a good game when he never had the guts, or the smarts, to try the gig out for himself.

Nicholas’ media career has long been bothersome for Celtic fans.

He isn’t amongst our favourites; let’s put it that way.

He snarks about everything our club does, and when he isn’t doing that he is handing out unsolicited advice as he was this weekend.

He thinks we should sell three players – Bayo, Bolingoli and Ntcham – to buy Fraser Forster.

Thank God he has exactly no influence on our decision making.

Thank God nobody inside Parkhead listens to a word that he says.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

I know a lot of our fans have given up on Bayo and Bolingoli.

But I am sympathetic to the plight of both players and I’m not writing either off just yet.

The big striker has not had much chance to shine, with the form of Edouard and then Griffiths and Bolingoli might be the most ill-appreciated player I’ve seen at Parkhead in years. He’s suffering, in my view, simply because he’s not Kieran Tierney.

I think both can be valuable players in the ten in a row quest.

But surely there’s no doubt whatsoever about Olivier Ntcham; on his game he is a fantastic footballer and he tends to do well in the bigger matches. His goal in Rome will live forever in the memory of every fan who watched it. Unless he’s desperate for a move, we should be looking to hang onto that guy for as long as we can.

Lennon and he sorted out whatever differences there were last season, and he went on to have his best spell of games for the club.

This is just lazy thinking on the part of Nicholas, who really doesn’t need to push terribly hard to convince us that he is an idiot anyway.

This is just babble from him, totally ridiculous nonsense, and the kind of thing most fans are better off ignoring.

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