Defoe Wants To Win A Title Before He Retires. I’d Advise Him To Get Out Of Glasgow Fast.

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Don’t you just love those “warning to Celtic” articles?

In the latest, Jermaine Defoe is sending a “warning to Celtic” that he wants to win a league title before he retires. This is supposed to have us quivering with fear that he’s ready to push himself that extra mile to do so in the coming campaign.

How much push does this old geezer actually have left, do you think?

And why should we be in the least bit intimidated by this?

You’d think to read this nonsense that Defoe had not tried a leg to win a title at any point in his career before now; what’s he been waiting for?

The imminent arrival of his free TV license and bus-pass?

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

I don’t take any of this rot seriously. Defoe still thinks he’s a cut above in this league because he’s played in the EPL for most of his career; I thought it was shocking the way the media just assumed that he would be yards ahead of all of our players.

If he wanted to win a title, he should have stayed well clear of Ibrox. But he and others there believed all the pre-season hype about Gerrard the Genius, and doubtless a little of the hype that surrounded his own signing as well, which our media amped up to 100.

Defoe might want a title before he is forced to adopt a walking frame, but we all want things we can’t have at times.

We all want an end to the lockdown, for the global health emergency to pass, we all want to be rich and happy and healthy … not all of us get what we want.

At Sevco they think they are special, so what they want they are somehow entitled to.

That sense of being better won’t matter at all in the next campaign.

We’re heading for ten in a row and it’s going to take more than this geezer and his arrogance to stop us.

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