Forrest Sends A Warning To Sevco: This Team Is Going To Be Even Better This Time.

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Well, this is the kind of talk I want to see out of Celtic Park.

There is no point in being coy about this, or nervous. We’re in the ten in a row campaign.

This is the moment most of these players have been waiting for their whole careers. A place in immortality, and not even the sort they’ve already made with their Invincible season and their Treble Treble. This is in some ways bigger than any of it.

This is team is ready. All the pressure of the last few years has been leading these players to this place, to his season, to this point. I think I’ve known since we hit six that we would be here and that nobody at Ibrox was going to stop us.

That was after their first season in the SPL and their chronic waste of whatever chance they had left.

Since then, I’ve been waiting for this particular season to start.

But it’s all well and good the fans looking forward; I am glad to know that the players have too, and Forrest is not the first to say that this team believes the best is yet to come … but his is the voice we should probably most listen to as he has been at this club for every season along the way.

When he says the mood in the dressing room is good and confidence is high, well that’s exactly what I want to hear from players at our club right now.

If ever a team – if ever a group of players – was entitled to a little bit of arrogance, it’s this one. But it’s not arrogance I detect, just a self-assurance which Gerrard has long suggested is what’s missing at Ibrox. I agree with him actually; over there it is actually arrogance and he is as guilty of falling prey to it as anyone at the club.

This Celtic team has earned the right. They have proved that they can handle the pressure and go the distance. What happens over the next few weeks will not decide the destination of the title but the psychological warfare cannot be entirely ignored.

Sevco is going to talk up its chances. I think some signs from Celtic Park that we are not afraid of the pressure is a good thing. The media has not yet really started to ramp that pressure up, but they do hope it is going to crack us, that we won’t handle it.

I think they are whistling in the wind. There is no way that pressure or the weight of expectation is going to have the sort of negative effect on this team that they evidently hope for. These guys have been over the course too many times, and know how to handle it.

This team wants to keep on winning; not just individual games but more titles, more trophies, more glory. They want to make more history. This team is exceptional.

And Forrest thinks we’re going to get better? God help the rest.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

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