Gerrard Still Thinks The Season Could Have Been Completed. If It Had, He Might Not Be At Ibrox.

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Gerrard had one of his sit-downs with his fan-club yesterday.

By that, I mean the gentlemen of the Scottish sporting press, who slaver over his every pronouncement as if it had been carved on stone and brought down from the mountaintop.

He talked a lot of outright nonsense yesterday, and I’m going to get to another aspect of it later on, but the part I want to focus on here is his assertion that the season could have been completed. He never explains how that could have happened, with no-contact training the only thing we presently allow in Scotland. Maybe he knows better than the chief scientist.

Did I miss something here? Is he a doctor? Does he have an advanced medical degree? Jesus, this guy barely had his coaching badges at the start of his Ibrox tenure. Listen to him talk; does he sound like he’s being missed by the geniuses at CERN?

Let me tell you something; Gerrard should be on his knees every day thanking God for the global health emergency, because without it his embarrassment would have turned into humiliation instead. He was heading not just for a defeat but for a rout.

The campaign ended with a 13-point deficit.

Had it continued it would certainly have ended with a bigger gap than that, and then there would have been no excuses and no hiding place for this joker. Oh the media would have tried, for sure, and the Ibrox word would have gone out … but the fans would have known the gig was up.

It is amazing to me that this guy has escaped real scrutiny so far.

Gerrard is feted as the great leader at Anfield.

But I always said that was down to the presence of truly great managers, and even then the club looks better now he’s no longer there. As a “leader” on the pitch they failed to win a title. As a manager he flounders under pressure, accepts no responsibility for defeats and turns on his players all too readily.

He also believes in conspiracy theories, as his comments attest.

I never wanted to see Gerrard sacked.

I hope he stays at Ibrox for the full course of his ludicrously long and expensive contract.

He confers an advantage on us just by being there, just by luxuriating in his own hype, and in the readiness of that board to indulge him as if he had a proven track record in the dugout instead of a mere two years, both of them abject.

I love listening to this guy lately.

He lives in his own wee bubble; it’s not for nothing I’ve referred to Ibrox as La La Land more and more over the course of the past year or so.

Gerrard is the biggest fraud at a club full of them.

Long may he reign.

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