Halliday’s Celtic Comments Are Hilarious Considering Even The Losers Club Has Let Him Go.

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What a winner Andy Halliday is. Remind me again what his career “trophy haul” is?

A Challenge Cup and a Scottish Championship with Sevco and a Third Division title at Livingston.

Nobody will nominate him for the Hall of Legends anytime soon.

I find it wonderful that the media has given him a platform to push the discredited pish that his former club could still have caught Celtic.

When one recognises that said club are Scottish football’s big losers of the last four years and that he is no longer considered good enough to play for them it makes you wonder why the media takes any of this seriously.

But we know the answer to that, of course; any anti-Celtic story will be taken seriously, no matter how stupid it is.

This idea that “Celtic could still have been caught” is widespread in our press, because the outlets keep allowing muppets like this to repeat the mantra over and over again.

All these assertions are pretty funny.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

Whenever I hear, these days, about how Celtic could have been caught I automatically think of the Road Runner … and Wylie Coyote and his list of schemes for trying to defeat his own rival.

None of them worked out terribly well, did they?

What was Sevco going to do? Strap on a rocket? I don’t remember that having a happy ending.

I think it is entirely correct to begin treating this nonsense with just this level of contempt.

It’s readily apparent that we’re going to be forced to listen to this garbage, as the media will not let up on it. So let’s just start making ridiculous comparisons like the Road Runner one, as our way of reminding the outside world just how ludicrous these stories are.

Halliday is just another “Rangers fan” who can’t tell the difference between them and the rag-bag mob playing out of Ibrox at the current time.

That he played over 150 games for Sevco shows how poor a side they actually are.

Now even they’ve realised that he’s nowhere near the right level.

Still, that he was ever there in the first place is justo ne part of the reason why they can’t get near us.

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