If Forster Is Coming Back To Celtic For Another One Year Loan It’s A Job Very Well Done.

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There are reports in England today which suggest that a “deal in principle” has been agreed between Celtic and Southampton for Fraser Forster to come back to the club on loan next season.

If these reports are true then I’d say that’s a job well done.

If we get The Great Wall back up here without having to pay through the nose for it then Celtic have played a blinder on this one.

It would be a superb piece of football business, and would certainly be enough to silence the likes of Charlie Nicholas, who seems convinced we’d have to part with half the first time squad to be able to afford it.

Let’s be honest, we will bring in a good goalkeeper anyway; it’s a priority, and I like some of the names who’ve been mentioned.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

But we know big Forster, we know exactly what he brings to this club and we know he can be relied upon when the pressure is on.

His performance in the League Cup final will be haunting the dreams and making the nightmares of Sevco fans for years to come.

It was magnificent. You could make an argument for it having broken Alfredo Morelos as well. It certainly did his confidence no good.

Forster’s signing would be an exceptional early season boost to the fans.

He is a huge favourite with the support, and appeared in many of the Best Eleven of the 9 teams that I saw online. He has a real chance now to step up and be a club icon, having helped us secure the ninth title. If he’s here for ten, he earns his permanent place in our history.

These are the sort of transfer rumours I enjoy writing.

Forster was a great signing for us last season, and he would be a vital part of the squad in the next campaign.

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