Once More, The Media Disgraces Itself With Kris Boyd’s Latest Anti-Celtic Nonsense.

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Kris Boyd is writing about Celtic again. Negatively. Badly.

In a national newspaper whilst actual journalists can’t break into the industry. Celtic should be “careful what they wish for” over the Fraser Forster and Craig Gordon situation says he, and much of the media is regurgitating this garbage as if it wasn’t completely ridiculous.

Let’s start with this; the soundbite doesn’t even make sense.

Be careful what we wish for? Lennon doesn’t rate Gordon. He’s made that plain.

Why should we worry if Gordon leaves?

Because it’ll leave us short of a goalkeeper? Guess what? I’m fairly sure that people inside Celtic Park have already taken that into consideration.

Forster was training with us the other day. Does that sound like there are issues between us and Southampton over whether or not he can stay? To me that suggests the opposite, that there’s progress in that area and that we’ll close a deal soon enough.

Boyd’s also had a go at us over loyalty; it’s as if we should keep a player on the books who the manager does not want just because he’s been “faithful through and through.” Except that’s not how the business works and he knows it full well.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

If he wants to cry the blues about loyalty, why isn’t he sticking it to Sevco over the way they’ve treated his pal Andy Halliday?

Booted out the door from a club he believes is Rangers, a club he plainly loves?

All day long people have been mailing to ask me if I saw his pitiful interview this weekend where he pours out his heart about his love of the Ibrox operations … it must be especially painful to know they aren’t good enough to win things but still think he’s not good enough for them.

If Boyd wants to raise the banners in defence of a put-upon professional footballer, he should give Halliday a wee mention instead of trying to attack Celtic.

This is pathetic from Boyd, of course, but we’ve come to expect it from him.

What it really reveals is the standard of the rag he writes for and their policy of patronising the audience.

In my view, if the audience in question were a bunch of tea-party loving chimps having Boyd on the writing staff still constitutes dumbing down.

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