Sevco’s Latest Feel-Good Stories Are Ridiculous And Have More Holes Than Swiss Cheese.

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If you’ve been checking out the mainstream media today, it’s full of Stewart Robertson making grandiose promises to the Sevco fans.

He has the press corps eating out of his hands as per usual, although this is a guy who has frankly disgraced himself in the last few months and ought to have been exiled to the backbenches of Scottish football for life.

Part of that is the fault of the SPFL board for not removing him from that body.

It was weak and it will not be forgotten at Ibrox, where they prey on that stuff.

The media has always been weak, and especially when it comes to the Ibrox club.

Last week, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain posted an outstanding piece where he hinted at problems with the Castore deal; in short, Phil has suggested that not all of the Ibrox board members know the details of the deal which the club has been loudly trumpeting.

At any other club this would be ridiculous, but we know that it isn’t at Ibrox.

We know that it’s wholly consistent with the shoddy way that club is run.

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The Ibrox crisis started to get real when the bank who had been keeping Rangers afloat started to sweat at the height of the financial crisis. Who were Rangers’ and Murray’s bankers before being taken over?

Robertson is an awful administrator and his little game of bluff with the SPFL was only one proof of that.

Yesterday he teased the Sevco fans with rumours of more signings and talked up the sale of a club asset. This is the car-park which they have used as collateral on several major loans.

It is all well and good flogging off the family silver when in greatest need, but if you’ve had to pawn that silver several times down through the years then selling it outright seems foolhardy at best, because that’s a door you are closing forever.

They will come to regret that in time.

It’s also ridiculous to suggest that they will invest the money in some sort of renovation of Edminston House.

That story has been trotted out so many times in the past that it’s barely credible.

The cash will be used to meet running costs.

Little to none of it is going to “invested” anywhere. Which includes the team. More signings?

Are those running Sevco out of their minds?

The Hagi signing was nonsensical. To make more signings would be rank insanity … but that club runs on rank insanity and that cannot be entirely discounted.

Nothing they do over there makes the tiniest bit of sense.

Every single club in Scotland is sweating at the current time. A report published last week suggests that Sevco is the most vulnerable side in Europe because of their over-reliance on money at the gate. I’ll be writing more about that later on today. At Ibrox they are acting as if nothing has changed. Not one single media outlet believes that this is in any way unusual.

They are talking over there as if they have magic money trees out the back.

At Celtic I can tell you that there is genuine concern over what our club will look like once this passes; we will still be standing, and we’ll still be the biggest club in the land, but there is no complacency at Parkhead, and nobody is going to put on a front of false bravado.

At Sevco, everyone is trundling along trying to pretend that things are just fine.

It’s a joke, it really is, and a bigger joke that our media is pretending not to know this.

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