The Green Brigade Was Kettled Supporting Anti-Racism Yet Racists Were Allowed To Roam Free.

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Yesterday, in George Square, the gutter vomited forth its dregs yet again.

The mentality of Peepul has barely been made more clear than it has in the past few weeks. They are an embarrassment to this city and this country as a whole, yet they are utterly impervious to embarrassment themselves. For all that, they are a joke. But Scottish society still tolerates this.

Last week, my good friend Chris Cominato wrote a brilliant article about this, and he pointed out that people still refer to this issue as if the scum who faced off the police yesterday in the Square were one head of a coin and our fans were the other.

The longer this perception is allowed to go unchallenged the longer these Peepul will continue doing what they do.

I am astonished at the coverage today, which identifies The Green Brigade but has never mentioned at all the Sevco fan organisations who have been talking about these protests in their forums all week long. There is no secret about their involvement in these alleged protests … this is the sort of thing that’s right up their alley, after all; defending inanimate objects which are under no threat, and using that excuse to behave like the thugs they are.

The media refuses to link this to the Ibrox fan forums although finding the evidence for it would be ridiculously easy to do. Even last weekend, when Police Scotland plainly identified this as “football related disorder” nobody in our press added 1+1 to make 2, although it was perfectly obvious what they were suggesting and who they were pointing the finger at.

Like I said, none of this was a secret; the Ibrox fan forums have been advertising these “protests” for nearly a fortnight now, since the first statues were pulled down by Black Lives Matter activists south of the border and the finger was getting pointed at those which were problematic up here in Scotland too.

Their paranoia exploded and their hatred of their fellow citizens came through, as it often does.

I think part of what enraged all of us this week and last weekend was seeing these yobs basically take over George Square without the police responding forcefully. This goons gathering was in technical violation of the law. Where was the social distancing for a start?

These thugs were allowed to terrorise ordinary citizens under the watchful gaze of Police Scotland.

Well, yesterday, The Green Brigade were headed to George Square to show their support for refugees, asylum seekers and the Black Lives Matter campaign; they have done this over and over again down through the years, and Celtic fans have been proud of their contributions to those causes. Yet they quickly found themselves surrounded by police.

And they were kettled.

This has become a common thing for them; they are so used to it they didn’t even bother to complain or resist.

I can’t be alone in wondering why they are singled out for this kind of treatment though.

I can’t be alone in being offended by the way that the newspapers have covered it, and tried to link our club to what’s been going on down there all week.

We really do have a strange way of doing stuff here in Scotland; racists are allowed the run of the place whilst anti-racist demonstrators are surrounded as though they were rioters. Police Scotland should be answering questions about that.

But who, apart from a handful of Celtic fans and campaigners online, is going to ask?

If we’re waiting for the press we’ll be waiting a long time.

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