Warburton Thinks Gerrard Needs “Time And Money.” Sevco’s Problem Is He’s Had Both.

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You have to love the Ibrox mind-set, and you have to marvel at how it is sustained by everyone who’s ever worked there, no matter how many lessons they’ve had in why it’s insane or how long they’ve been away from the place.

I find it endlessly fascinating.

Last night, I posted a piece on why Gerrard is more sought after, if you believe the press anyway, than Lennon is.

I concluded that it’s mostly hype and mostly the sort promoted by Gerrard and his people.

Then I read Mark Warburton’s daft comments.

He thinks Gerrard needs time. He’s had two years already, which is actually more than Warburton himself got. He also thinks Gerrard needs money. He’s had that too, and more than Warburton was allowed to spend, a lot more.

Yet Gerrard hasn’t won a thing. He hasn’t even looked like he might, unless you’re a Sevconut clinging to the delusion that they deserved to win the League Cup in spite of playing against ten men for most of the match, in which they also missed a penalty.

Far from being outgunned, Gerrard has spent more money in the last two years than every other SPL club, excluding Celtic, spent in the last ten. In both of those campaigns he spent upwards of £10 million and without any major fees being brought in for players.

Yet in that space of time, he has reached a solitary cup final.

He lost the league in his first campaign by a double digit margin.

The league lead when the season was declared finished after the second was 13 points, and most reputable followers of the game believe it would only have grown.

Gerrard has had more cash than any recent Ibrox boss … and has squandered it.

The best players at Sevco in the last two years have been footballers who were there before he arrived. Of his own signings, only Barisic looks halfway decent. His biggest signing did more good for Liverpool than it did for Sevco, the arrival of Ryan Kent for £7 million … it already looks more like he was trying to do a favour for his former club than it does value for money.

You have to love the way the solution to every problem at Ibrox is to spend more money.

For what Gerrard’s spent already they could have built a half-decent side.

A manager who was capable of improving the players under his charge would already have taken them some way down the road of mounting a coherent challenge. But that’s not Gerrard.

To give him more time and money is simply to waste both.

If Sevco had sense they’d cut this guy loose now and take the immediate hit, rather than drag this out.

Thankfully their having sense has never been a factor we have to concern ourselves with.

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