Celtic Continues To Be Linked To Players In The One Position Where We Don’t Need Any.

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Another day and more of this Toney nonsense. Another day of us being linked with a footballer in the one position where we absolutely, positively, do not need another option.

Why does the press write this stuff? It’s because somewhere someone’s reading it.

But can’t that someone look at our squad and suss that we’re not short up top?

That we have four strikers competing for two places already, and one of them is a new signing and two are already first and second choice in the roles? I mean, come on …

As hilarious as it is that we’re linked with this guy, it is even more ridiculous to claim there is some kind of transfer war going on between us and Sevco for his signature. Frankly, if they can find the £10 million to buy him and the money his wages would cost then I say they should go for it.

When the Closed sign goes up at Ibrox, for good this time, I’ll remember his signing as the day as one of those red letter days when you could see how it would all end.

They don’t have two bob at the moment over there; I’ll be doing something on it later on.

But suffice to say they are more interested in getting players out right now. If they go for a forward at all at the current time it’ll be Dykes from Livingston.

Believe me, that will not keep me awake at night.

On top of this never ending Toney story, the ludicrous clickbait site “Football Insider” – so called because it employs the services of a number of ex-players who talk about clubs with which they have no connection and thus no inside knowledge at all – claims we are about to move for a talented Wigan youngster now that their club is in administration.

If Joe Gelhardt is such a great footballer, I am guessing he’s not coming to Celtic Park to be fifth choice striker and spend years in the youth system.

It seems unlikely at best to me that we’re pursuing that particular course either and if that website told me the sky was blue I’d get a second opinion before believing a word of it.

They slap the word “exclusive” on the front of every piece … which suggests they either have sources that no-one else does or it’s a fiction factory over there.

You can make up your own minds about that; I know exactly what my money would be on, let me tell you.

Celtic will do good business in this window.

But do not expect it to include a striker unless someone is leaving; indeed, I’d say that even if someone goes out the door in that area we won’t bring anyone new in as Forrest, Christie and Elyounoussi are all capable in the forward role and we’d also have the option of switching back to one striker … this, of course, is unless the departure is that of French Eddie in which case, yes, we’d need a replacement and a good one.

But that’s not likely either; indeed, I’d say that’s almost unthinkable at the moment with the big guy due to get the starring role in this season’s marketing campaign by Adidas …. If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know which player was missing from Sevco’s own launch.

Interesting times all round folks.

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