Celtic’s Season Ticket Statement Closes Down One Pitiful Sevco Avenue Of Hope.

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Celtic’s public statement to fans today, thanking them for their “incredible” response to the season ticket renewals appeal, has closed off one of Sevco’s last remaining avenues of hope from the global health emergency; that our financial advantage might be negated.

Sevco fans are amongst the most “loyal” in football.

That’s what we always hear, right? Strike out that word and write “gullible” in its place, and that’ll be more accurate.

Each and every close season, the club fills their fans heads with blatant nonsense, or they lie outright as they have in this one, and every single season their supporters buy season tickets.

I expected a downturn in the numbers they’d sell; I never expected their fans to desert them in huge numbers though. I always suspected that they would find a way to rally the majority of them, even with the global health crisis.

I didn’t think they’d sell nearly all of them, and especially not when they are engaged in a blatant scam like MyGers to further rip their fans off.

The gullibility of their supporters – especially when there is no sign of a title challenging team on the horizon – is extraordinary.

There were many amongst their number who held out the vaguest of hopes that even in the ten in a row season that Celtic would struggle to sell out our allocation. The media has made much of a handful of online critics who’ve been giving the club a hard time over the refund scheme and other stuff … they’ve also played up Sevco’s “achievement” in selling theirs.

But it was never even in the realms of possibility that we would struggle to sell season tickets with ten in a row up for grabs. Today’s news that the waiting list has over 17,000 on it crushes the dream of some in Sevconia that this summer might close the finance gap.

In truth, that gap is almost certainly larger than it has ever been, at any time.

For all Gary Ralston and others might be swallowing Sevconian spin over the size of the Castore deal, there is no way that company is giving Sevco anything like £5 million per year … it is ludicrous. Their finances could not support a commitment of that size.

Celtic’s deal with Adidas, on the other hand, is worth a considerable sum and our latest link up with JD Sports gives us more reach than ever before in the marketplace. There is little doubt that it’s the biggest shirt deal in the history of Scottish football; people tend to forget that it was signed before the global health crisis, whilst Sevco’s was signed after it.

That’s why narratives of clear-cut nonsense, as written by the likes of Ralston, are better off simply ignored.

These clowns regurgitate whatever the Sevco PR department tells them to. I’ll be doing another piece on Ralston, of course, due to that ridiculous piece he wrote this morning … he is one of those who was clinging to the idea that Celtic might struggle this summer.

He, like the rest of Sevconia, has been made to look foolish by today’s announcement from Parkhead. Well done to everyone who’s renewed or is ready to. This was the time when the club needed the fans to step up the most … and as ever the Family duly delivered.

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In the 1951/52 season, SFA chairman George Graham tried to stop Celtic from flying the Irish tricolour flag over Celtic Park, leading to a bitter stand off between him and the club. Which Scottish club backed Graham over his stance?

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