Celtic’s Transfer Business Is Slow. We Need To Start Picking Up The Pace A Little Bit.

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So the wait goes on. Elyounoussi remains our only piece of incoming summer business for now, and as good a piece of business as that is he’s also a player we had here last season and he’s only here on loan at the moment.

The wage bill has been dramatically reduced in the meantime.

All this is pretty understandable with the global health emergency going on, but even without being able to gets into stadiums, the Celtic fans have done their bit. Season ticket renewals have been brilliant. Strips sales are going to be massive with the pre-orders already in huge numbers.

The fans have done their bit. Now we’re waiting on the club.

This isn’t a snarky piece, or at least it’s not intended to be one.

The club will do business – of that I’m sure. But as always, Celtic takes its sweet time to get stuff done. In some ways we should be grateful for that. The more care and consideration goes into a major decision, or series of major decisions, the surer you can be that we’ll get them right.

Still, the wait seems long.

The window has only been open for a while, but there are things we could have been doing in the interim. As it is, there are only three weeks left until league business resumes. This has been the longest close-season we’ve ever known, but suddenly there’s a big ticking clock again and the need for action is clear.

We still have no first choice keeper.

We still need at least one central defender.

We probably do still need someone extra wide right.

There are a lot of rumours; right now, that’s all they are.

Fans do enjoy a good transfer rumour, but what we really want is concrete information followed by action.

A new signing or two to whet the appetite.

More; a couple of players to lay down a marker ahead of the coming campaign.

Something to let Sevco see how out of their depth they really are.

Nothing would do more to shatter their fragile morale than the sight of Celtic flexing some financial muscle.

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