Check Out Celtic’s Safety Measures For The Coming Campaign. They Are Meticulous And Necessary.

Image for Check Out Celtic’s Safety Measures For The Coming Campaign. They Are Meticulous And Necessary.

Celtic has released a video detailing how we’re going to handle the safety protocols for the coming campaign, and it is safe to say that we are not messing about.

The whole thing has been planned with a military precision.

That is precisely as it should be of course, but the details are still surprising.

The thought that has gone into this is clear and it’s impressive.

The exterior of the ground has been split into zones, as has the interior.

Social distancing is so well advanced that the club has had to open a second home dressing room to ensure that every player is spaced out enough and has his own locker. The media will have to conduct interviews outdoors, from meters apart, wearing masks … it’s all quite amazing.

There are some who labour under the illusion that because we can sit in one another’s houses again and eat in our favourite restaurants and drink in our pubs that this is all behind us and sorted; that’s a long way from being true.

The precautions Celtic are taking should be enough to dissuade folks from that happy fantasy.

The video will be doing the rounds; I don’t mind posting it here at the bottom of this piece, but I’ll link to instead as Celtic might not be happy about that, and the issue here is to raise awareness of what the club is doing. I don’t want to fall out with them in the process.

Nevertheless, the work that has gone into this, and the complexity of it, should be good information for everyone who argues that games could have resumed sooner and that it would be straightforward to put fans back into grounds before the government is ready.

Because Celtic has made it clear how tough the next few months are going to be, even with the current restrictions in place.

This is not to be missed.

You can watch the video by clicking on this link. Please do.

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