Deluded Gerrard’s Ibrox To Anfield Career Path Plan Is Lunacy, But It Appears He Believes It.

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So it seems that news has broken tonight from England that has Sevco fans overjoyed; Gerrard has turned down a move to Bristol City and has opted to stay with and spearhead their quest to stop the ten.

He’s had two failed tries at this already and has not won a trophy in spite of having the second biggest in the country and a transfer budget second only to ours.

He has signed 20 players and still wants to sign more. This year, he says, at the height of a global health emergency which has companies all over the run running for cover and counting pennies, he wants two or three players to go right into the first team.

“Wow” is really all you can say to that. It’s delusional. But it is nothing compared to the amazing rational that “friends” of his are giving the media as to why he’s turned down this alleged career opportunity; he believes Ibrox represents his best route to Anfield as manager.

I don’t even know where to start except that this is usually the point where someone shouts for a psychiatrist.

Does he really believe this nonsense?

Apparently he does, yes. He seems to be convinced of it.

Convinced that he is good enough to manage one of the biggest clubs in world football, to take over from one of the truly great managers of all time. This is the of stuff they put you in the white outfit and soft slippers for. Medication time is at six.

Honestly, I don’t want to be flippant but this is textbook stuff.

How can he actually believe this?

Look at the situation he’s in; Celtic’s ten in a row will damage his reputation before his career even gets up and running. If he goes through the season without a trophy again it will wreck it. Yet even if he were to work some kind of miracle how does he see this going?

Rodgers left Anfield prior to his stay at Celtic Park, not the other way around.

The best he could get was Leicester.

Before him, Strachan – who got two qualifications out of Champions League Group Of Deaths and won three titles – could only manage Middlesbrough.

And even Martin O’Neill who won a , got us to a European final and added two more titles a bunch of cups to the haul, did not leave Celtic Park for a major club.

The road to Anfield does not go through Ibrox unless there are about five stops afterwards and a mind-bending level of success at every one along the way. Liverpool can appoint anyone they please now; their title win, coming off the back of a Champions League, has elevated them back into the stratosphere of the super-clubs.

Frankly, he’d be lucky to get a job there at his previous level.

I said in a piece earlier this month that Gerrard should have seen the Bristol City job as a good escape route from the career consequences that are coming his way.

He has chosen to cling to his fantasy of one day sitting in the big chair at the club where he couldn’t win a title as a player.

Hell mend him.

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